DV Live is a brand new video series where we interview industry leaders and pick their brains on the latest ad tech trends and insights. We kicked off the series at the 2023 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity aboard our yacht, the Asya, with a number of powerhouses in advertising and tech. Watch below as our CEO, Mark Zagorski, and CCO, Julie Eddleman, dive into the latest digital advertising topics such as attention measurement, AI, CTV, brand suitability and more!


Factors That Influence Brand Safety and Suitability

with Shelby Saville, Chief Investment Officer at Publicis Media US

Content consumption is evolving — there are new channels, formats and even paradigms for connecting. The news cycle has also become increasingly polarized, resulting in a proliferation of inflammatory and misleading content. That is why brand safety and suitability have remained top of mind. While brands want to protect themselves, they also want to take advantage of new channels and reach new audiences.

Watch DV CEO Mark Zagorski’s interview with Publicis Media’s Shelby Saville as they discuss our recent research collaboration with Publicis that details Factors That Influence Brand Safety and Suitability.


The Future of AI and Its Potential Risks and Benefits to Brands

with Deva Bronson, EVP, Global Head of Brand Assurance at Dentsu

AI is making waves again. The release of ChatGPT presents a lot of exciting opportunities for advertisers. But it also leaves brands and advertisers wondering how they can manage all of these trends and still optimize performance and media spend.

Watch DV CEO Mark Zagorski’s interview with Dentsu’s Deva Bronson about topics ranging from her thoughts on how to manage brand risk in the age of AI to what she enjoyed most at this year’s Cannes festival.


All Eyes on CTV

with Yan Liu, CEO of TVision

In this video, DV CEO Mark Zagorski interviews Yan Liu about how DoubleVerify and TVision recently joined forces to combine DV’s scalable ad exposure data, including viewable time and screen share, with TVision’s viewer presence and eyes-on-screen ad attention signals. Together, this partnership delivers the most holistic attention measurement solution for advertisers looking to gauge their performance on CTV at scale.


The Future of Inventory Optionality

with Josh Nafman, VP of Data & Operations at Diageo

Volatile news cycles, the deprecation of third-party cookies and emerging platforms — these are just a few of the many challenges the modern advertiser faces today. It leaves brands and advertisers wondering how they can manage all of these changes and still optimize performance and media spend. Watch DV CEO Mark Zagorski’s DV Live interview with Josh Nafman about how Diageo is leveraging attention metrics, the future of inventory optionality, DV’s partnership and more.


Girl Boss Talk

with Laura Desmond, CEO of Smartly.io

According to a recent Forbes article, the “proportion of women in senior management roles globally grew to 32% in 2022—the highest number ever recorded.” Yet, there is still much room for improvement as women are underrepresented in leadership roles. Watch this interview with DV’s CCO Julie Eddleman and Laura Desmond, CEO at Smartly.io about Laura’s experience leading digital companies and how women can continue to take on and excel in leadership roles.


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