A Call For Brand Safety In The Social Media Landscape

Recent events emphasize the need for marketers to adopt a comprehensive brand safety strategy to protect their brand reputation when activating digital media. Placing an ad adjacent to news about recent tragedies, inappropriate video content, or negative press about a brand has been proven to have a lasting impact on the brand’s perception in the eyes of its consumers.  These risks occur ever more frequently and in any environment, including the social media platforms.


With increased demand from marketers for third-party brand safety controls on social media platforms, we are excited to partner with YouTube with our new joint brand safety solution that extends DV’s Authentic Impression measurement platform across all forms of digital media.


DV Brand Suitability On YouTube

DV is proud to announce the availability of Brand Suitability controls on YouTube Auction and YouTube Reserve, including TrueView, Bumper Ads and Google Preferred. The new solution offers detailed insights on content suitability by monitoring against 11 categories, including aviation disasters, violence, hate speech, man-made and natural disasters, pornography, profanity, substance abuse, terrorist events, weapons and vehicle disasters. In addition, DoubleVerify’s best-in-class content classification also extends across all devices and 16 different languages.  The DV Brand Safety solution is currently in Beta.


For over a decade, DV has continued to invest in developing and refining our brand safety technology, and today we are proud to offer the most robust set of classifications (over 75 discreet brand safety segments) that we enable both programmatically and through post-buy, real-time blocking and measurement.  DV continues to enhance our custom brand safety solutions as a layer of further protection beyond our standard segments.  DV empowers our clients to build a custom profile that defines and avoids specific topics and themes that are specific only to that brand.  These solutions are available today across any device for display and video campaigns.


This major milestone is critical in DV’s path towards enabling our clients with the most actionable insights wherever their media investment is placed.


Please contact your DV Account Manager to activate this solution today.


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