Consumers spend almost three hours per day on digital video, according to eMarketer. More time spent streaming on devices means more exposure to advertising, but capturing audience attention today is even more complicated than ever. For brands to run an effective video campaign, they’ll need to ensure their messaging resonates with the right audience and aligns with the most suitable content

That’s where our partner, Tremor Video, comes into play. Tremor Video is one of the most innovative video advertising companies in the ad tech space, with expanded offerings in Data-Driven TV and All-Screen Video. With access to invaluable data and AI technology, advertisers work with Tremor Video to deliver impactful video campaigns customized for the most relevant audiences.

Part of that equation is ensuring their clients are only paying for quality impressions that are fraud-free, viewable and brand suitable. Tremor Video works with DoubleVerify (DV) as their holistic verification partner for monitoring and blocking fraud and invalid traffic (or IVT) – essentially keeping their pipes clean and their partners protected. The platform also offers DV’s viewability and brand safety services to clients as an added layer of security.

We recently had a chance to speak with Lay Brand, Tremor Video’s Senior Director of Partnerships, to learn more about Tremor Video and how clients are benefiting from our partnership. Lay cultivates the strategic partnerships that are part of Tremor Video’s evolving suite of Connected TV (CTV) and video solutions for advertisers.


Can you please provide a brief overview of Tremor Video and its relationship to Tremor International?

Tremor Video represents the demand side (DSP) of our parent company Tremor International’s end-to-end, video-first platform. Our sister brand, Unruly, sits on the supply side (as the SSP), and our data management platform (or DMP) fuels both ends by collecting and organizing data for our partners across the ad ecosystem.


What would you say is the most unique aspect of your company compared with other DSPs in the space?

The end-to-end nature of our platform – which includes our DSP (Tremor Video), SSP (Unruly), and DMP – means that advertisers can connect with high-quality publishers seamlessly and efficiently, ultimately reaching and engaging their desired audiences with ease. It’s something few other DSPs are able to offer, and we’re proud to be able to bring it to the table.

We also operate with a highly creative, video-first mindset, empowering our clients to capture the right audiences’ attention through unique targeting capabilities (like TV Intelligence), dynamic ad formats, and data-driven insights that help them understand the impact of their media spend.


What role do quality components like fraud, brand safety and viewability play in how your customers allocate their media dollars?

We want to drive value for our clients, so offering high-quality inventory is imperative. Fortunately, partners like DoubleVerify allow us to offer a high level of fraud and brand safety protection, which in turn makes our clients feel even more comfortable allocating their media budgets toward Tremor Video-orchestrated CTV and all-screen video campaigns.


In November 2021, we launched our Authentic Brand Suitability solution with Tremor Video. Have you found that your customers are finding success with this solution? 

Absolutely. The solution allows our clients to buy on multiple platforms with one set of controls (rather than having to customize their brand safety and suitability settings for each partner). It saves them time and energy without sacrificing brand safety concerns – a win all-around.


Last year, we also announced CTV Targeting Certification for Tremor International. Can you tell us what value this provides for your customers who are advertising on CTV?

For a number of advertisers, CTV still feels like uncharted territory. The CTV Targeting Certification for Tremor International helped (and continues to help) put our clients’ minds at ease, as it reinforces that we proactively combat fraud and IVT, as verified by a trusted partner. It’s yet another way for us to assure our clients that they’re getting access to high-quality inventory through Tremor Video.


What does the future look like for Tremor Video in the coming year? Any innovations, focal areas or solutions that you’re looking forward to releasing?

At Tremor Video, we’re constantly evolving – expanding audience solutions and diversifying data assets to provide new opportunities for our clients, ensuring they’re able to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time. In fact, we recently announced an expansion to our TV Intelligence solution, which pairs the industry’s largest co-mingled datasets for TV and cross-device media strategies with innovative video creative solutions.

Additionally, we’re always exploring new solutions from the leading verification providers, including (of course) DoubleVerify. With CTV as our main focus, we’ll continue to extend our suite of fraud protection and viewability services, giving our clients the confidence to buy across our inventory and maximize their ad dollars.

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