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After noticing nearly a fifth of purchased inventory was getting blocked post bid, a major programmatic advertising partner began using DV’s Authentic Brand Safety targeting with several of their clients  to align pre-bid targeting with post-bid measurement and blocking.

They activated Authentic Brand Safety across four advertisers and six campaigns and achieved the following results:

  • Superior performance. Block rates fell by 67%, and, in turn, 14% more purchased impressions were delivered. This resulted in an estimated 13% drop in eCPM.
  • Increased efficiency. Since Authentic Brand Safety targeting is controlled from one platform, and post-bid settings are seamlessly synced to pre-bid preferences throughout all campaigns, the programmatic partner and the advertisers using Authentic Brand Safety targeting saved significant set-up and management time in their day-to-day.

Download the case study to learn about how Authentic Brand Safety targeting drives performance and efficiency.