AI, attention metrics and hyper-personalization — these are just some of the themes that attendees unpacked at CES 2024, where DV joined thousands of like-minded industry professionals to discuss the latest innovations reshaping the advertising industry. 



The future of advertising is… disruptive! We had another exciting and motivating experience at CES 2024, where 135,000 attendees came from around the globe, including the pioneers responsible for transforming the advertising space. DV took part in discussing the most recent tech trends, such as artificial intelligence (AI), attention measurement and third-party cookie deprecation. As always, we left CES inspired and ready to get to work. Read on for this year’s highlights.

DV CMO’s Top 3 Takeaways of CES 2024

With more than a thousand speakers across over 250 sessions showcasing the latest tech innovations and announcements, DV’s CMO Dan Slivjanovski outlined his top three takeaways to apply to your media planning and strategy.

#1: We Can Work Smarter with Hyper-Personalization 

With the looming specter of a cookieless future, advertisers need to adapt. Consumers still expect to see relevant ads and brands continue to strive for meaningful connections with their audiences. CES speakers and attendees talked about the emerging state of data sharing and how that relates to customized consumer experiences. To prepare for an advertising world void of third-party data, advertisers must maintain focus on hyper-personalization fueled by strong first-party data sets. 

#2: The Most Powerful Vowels in Tech Are: AI

AI dominated the conference halls as industry leaders discussed its transformative potential. Groups delved into how AI-powered algorithms and machine learning are reshaping personalized marketing approaches. Conversations centered around leveraging AI technology to supplement creativity, boost efficiency, combat emerging quality issues and power superior performance.    

#3: Attention Measurement Is Here to Stay 

Attention measurement, which has sparked widespread discussion yet remains largely misunderstood, is at the forefront of digital advertising. Brands are leaning in more than ever to understand how to measure and capture attention while connecting consumer engagement metrics to tangible advertising outcomes. This will be a watershed year for defining standards for this exciting new measurement and activation concept.

DV’s CES 2024 Event Lineup 

DV stayed active this year, with our senior leadership team hosting a full schedule featuring networking events and insightful discussions.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2024: Empowerment Hour — Celebrating Women in Advertising Leadership!

DV’s Empowerment Hour was packed with nearly 200 attendees and resulted in engaging discussions about some of the most relevant tech trends in advertising right now. Co-hosted by DV’s Julie Eddleman, SeeHer’s Christine Guilfoyle and She Runs It’s Lynn Branigan, the evening brought together Fortune 500 leaders, clients across all industries and representatives from some of the largest agencies in the world.       

It’s truly incredible to see what happens when powerful women get together. This dynamic group of industry leaders — representing finance, insurance, auto, CPG, retail, food and more — drilled into the trends we’ve been seeing, including the way AI is revolutionizing digital media and how clients can continue to access the greatest ROI for their media spend. It was an exciting and productive evening. –Julie Eddleman, EVP, Global Chief Commercial Officer, DoubleVerify 

Pictured (left to right): Christine Guilfoyle, President, SeeHer; Lynn Branigan, President & CEO, She Runs It; Julie Eddleman, EVP, Global Chief Commercial Officer, DoubleVerify

Wednesday, January 10, 2024: DV’s Vegas Happy Hour 

Hosted at the ARIA’s Lift Bar, we enjoyed a night of drinks and lively discussions with fellow industry professionals. 

Thursday, January 11, 2024: CMO Insights Panel: Emerging Tools to Capture Consumer Attention

The CMO Insights panel — hosted at C Space Stage — focused on taking advantage of emerging technology like AI to capture consumer attention. DV’s Dan Slivjanovski was joined by HARMAN International’s Daniel Lee, Index Exchange’s Lori Goode and Integrated Media Company’s Jon Miller, who served as the panel moderator.  

Pictured (left to right): Jon Miller, CEO, Integrated Media Company; Dan Slivjanovski, CMO, DoubleVerify; Lori Goode, CMO, Index Exchange; Daniel Lee, CMO, HARMAN International

​Winning the Jackpot in Vegas and Beyond

With AI at the forefront, CES 2024 illuminated the evolving role of technology in advertising. The digital landscape is constantly evolving, which can make it difficult for marketers to navigate the industry. But the new age of advertising is promising. Attention metrics, AI and hyper-personalization give marketers the tools to optimize campaign performance and drive growth. 

Connecting with DV on Performance 

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