Power Media Performance in the Age of Privacy


With the proliferation of user devices and content online, it’s more important than ever for advertisers to leverage the right tools to effectively capture the attention of their audience. However, stricter data privacy regulations and the decision by most web browsers to sunset the use of third-party cookies, are limiting the effectiveness of traditional third-party audience targeting. In this session, DV will discuss innovative, privacy-friendly solutions that enable advertisers to overcome these challenges and effectively drive media performance in this new era.


Date: Tuesday, January 12

Time: 3:15pm EST


Dan Slivjanovski, CMO, DoubleVerify
Joris Stevens, SVP, Global Account Management, DoubleVerify



Video and CTV – Get the Complete Picture


Video is arguably the most powerful advertising medium to deliver a brand’s story. Upwards of 40% of the world’s population (~3 billion people) are digital video viewers, according to eMarketer, and CTV in particular is experiencing explosive growth. When it comes to video quality, however, traditional safeguards suffer from a number of gaps. In this session, DV will highlight innovations in video measurement that can help advertisers maximize campaign performance across all video environments and devices.


Date: Wednesday, January 13

Time: 4:15pm EST


Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify
Jack Smith, CPO, DoubleVerify


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