The State of Fraud in CTV 

As ad spend on CTV increases, so too does the opportunity for fraud in the advertising ecosystem. The impact of fraud can be significant – potentially leading advertisers to see decreased efficiency in their media spend and increased risk to their brand’s reputation.

Attendees will learn about the types of fraud in CTV and how bad actors perpetuate fraud through apps, IP spoofing, and SSAI technology. They will also learn about how fraud might manifest itself in different buying environments. Lastly, and most importantly, they will learn how they can combat CTV fraud and the specific solutions available to them with these emerging threats on the horizon.

From this foundation, panelists will discuss how the buying environment is impacted by the potential of fraud. This module will dive into the intricacies of buying CTV inventory directly from content platforms, intermediaries as well as programmatic platforms. Attendees will learn about the challenges of attaining scale and transparency, and what is being done and should be done to address both.

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