Establishing a Holistic Measurement Strategy to Drive Performance

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Key Takeaways:

  • The digital media industry in Asia is increasingly adopting measurement tools that enable them to better understand media inventory and ensure that ad campaigns are fraud-free, highly viewable and being served in the correct geography.
  • Publishers in Asia are starting to adopt certification processes to avoid ad fraud and introduce minimum standards for brand safety.
  • Agency leaders in Asia are working together to provide more education to their advertiser clients by making sure that measurement strategies are embraced.
  • Advertisers have been required to adapt to changes created by the disruptive impact of the pandemic in an agile manner. This means understanding how the global pandemic has affected digital media, and identifying tools to help combat fake news, assess new media channels and develop new brand safety and viewability tools.



Media verification as a concept can seem like a black box – understanding how fraud, viewability, and brand safety are measured can be complex. However, the application of proper measurement tools allows buyers and sellers to set appropriate expectations and optimize for enhanced value and performance. So, what are some of the best practices companies can follow in order to safely determine where and how much of their media budgets are supporting their desired outcomes? 

In this session, DV will highlight the advantages of building a brand safety and suitability profile that not only maximizes the value of brand-content alignment but also provides a greater propensity to drive campaign performance. 


Time: 10:30 – 11:00am SGT



  • Conrad Tallariti, RVP Sales, SEA, DoubleVerify
  • Nathalie Pellegrini, Managing Partner, Performance & eCommerce, APAC, Mindshare
  • Joel Deerwester, Regional Director, Marketing Sciences, APAC, Xaxis
  • Eileen Ooi, Managing Director, Malaysia, PHD 


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