Are You Ready For A Post-Cookie World?


As our industry collectively moves toward a digital world with data privacy regulations and deprecation of cookies, advertisers need to shift away from performance solutions that rely on third-party data. IAB Europe recently discovered that 40 percent of industry respondents felt their company wasn’t prepared for the demise of third-party cookies. So, as an industry, how can we be better prepared? In this session, DoubleVerify will be speaking with OMG UK on how to be better prepared and provide guidance for advertisers as they pivot to a post-cookie world.


Speakers: Denise Leone, Global Strategic Partnership Director, DoubleVerify
Mia Mulch, Managing Director, Programmatic, Omnicom Media Group UK



Putting Theory into Action: Your Post-Cookie Plan

As advertisers are gathering a better understanding of the road ahead as our industry transitions into a post-cookie world, advertisers need more of an in-depth understanding of which solutions work best for their campaigns moving forward. In this presentation, DoubleVerify will give insights on what a post third-party cookie checklist could look like and put the theory into action by highlighting key considerations and privacy-friendly solutions that have already helped brands drive performance


Speaker: Denise Leone, Global Strategic Partnership Director, DoubleVerify


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