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Why Marketers are Prioritizing Brand Suitability (マーケターがブランドの適合性を優先する理由)

With unsuitable placements undermining consumers’ likelihood to engage with an ad, or purchase a brand product, it’s essential that brands are context-aware. Moreover, today’s fast-evolving news cycles means that consumers are faced with a lot of challenging content – not all of which is negative.

Marketers should be aware of the proper verification tools to protect them from unsuitable content while still allowing for maximum scale. In this session, DV’s Takashi Takeda will join a panel discussion to address the need for brand safety and suitability in Japan’s ad ecosystem. 





Date: Thursday, March 11

Time: 5:20pm JPT


Takashi Takeda, Country Manager, Japan, DoubleVerify
Akihito Ichijo, VP, Ad Trust & Safety, Yahoo! JAPAN
Akinori Isshiki, Digital Marketing Strategy, Senior Manager, Fujifilm
Moderator:  Masatoshi Nagano, Deputy Editor, ExchangeWire JAPAN


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