On 8th September we held our very first in-person event in the Philippines, thanks to all who joined us!

We heard from digital advertising experts on how they’re taking industry disruptions head on and using measurement and verification tools to mitigate the challenges and drive campaign performance and ended the day with a night of great conversations around today’s digital ad ecosystem.

The session included DV Senior Product Manager Ady Kaiser sharing the inner workings of how the product team determines the next innovation at DV such as the latest Authentic Attention® solution. Business Director for SEA, Stephanie King also gave insights into how to apply these solutions to deliver on campaign KPIs. The conference concluded with DV Managing Director for APAC, Jordan Khoo discussing the evolution and future of measurement with Country Head of Matterkind Philippines, Allan Lina.

Notable takeaways from the fireside chat were:

  • New technology like Authentic Attention® will be an integral part of future conversations towards making media work harder as clients have always emphasised maximising media budgets.
  • Advertising outside of popular platforms of choice in the Philippines, namely social media and Google, will allow brands to be in a less cluttered environment and more creativity. These however should be brand safe, and on top of that, monitored for viewability so that advertisers can ensure their creative efforts and media investments are actually being seen.
  • Advertisers need to take heed of the impending removal of cookies by Google despite the delay to 2024. Innovations such as DV Contextual targeting can help mitigate these concerns.


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