Keeping Your Programmatic Strategy Agile as Europe Transitions To The New Normal

With many major European markets at various stages of reopening, EMEA advertisers are eager to ramp up their programmatic efforts to reach those who are enthusiastic about getting back to normal. Before advertisers begin their media planning, however, they should be aware of the importance quality, brand safety and brand suitability have on their overall campaign. A Harris Poll revealed that 87% of consumers feel that brands bear responsibility for ensuring their ad runs on content that is safe. Given the amount of misinformation and sensitivities around Covid-19 and the vaccine rollouts, brands need to be sure they’re protected against content that could harm their reputation. In this session, we’ll discuss ways for brands to adapt their programmatic strategy to be agile enough to reach digital-savvy customers on their preferred channels in a safe and effective way.


Date: Tuesday, May 25

Time: 10:20am – 10:55am CET



Moderator: Wayne Tassie, Senior Business Director, EMEA, DoubleVerify

Mazen Mroueh,  Global Head of Digital Performance & Programmatic, Friesland Campina

Teresa Fusaro,  Global Director, Digital Media & Social Media Platform, Nestlé

Karin Meraner, Head of Media Lead, DACH, GSK



Supporting a Healthy Information Ecosystem

In 2020, our world was changed by a series of unprecedented events — from a devastating pandemic to a global movement for social justice. While we’ve learned much over the course of a year, these events have clearly demonstrated the importance of access to reliable information from trusted publishers to avoid further harming our news and information ecosystem. In addition, advertising alongside disinformation and extremist content continues to pose serious brand reputation concerns for many advertisers. In this session, DV will moderate a panel to talk about the best methods of supporting a healthy digital ecosystem and the value transparency and trust can have on a campaign’s overall performance.


Date: Wednesday, May 26

Time: 10:30am – 11:10am CET



Moderator: Nick Reid, RVP, Northern Europe, DoubleVerify

Sébastien Meilhaud, Global Media & Digital Lead, Danone 

Ander Lopez Ochoa, Head of Digital & Media, EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Olya Dyachuck, Global Digital Lead, OMD

Benoit Cacheux, Global Chief Digital Officer, Zenith



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