DoubleVerify, along with partner SpotX, recently hosted a virtual event entitled, “CTV Myths and Realities”. The webinar, moderated by DV’s CMO Dan Slivjanovski, included two speakers – Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify and Nick Frizzell, VP of Operations, Inventory Quality & Planning at SpotX.

The webinar dispelled five CTV myths and presented attendees with a number of takeaways they can pursue to address some of the CTV challenges panelists highlighted.


Myth #1 – CTV and OTT are the Same Thing

OTT is a general, device-agnostic term used to describe delivery of typically long-form video content via an internet connection. CTV, on the other hand, “is specifically about the device. It’s the TV in your living room and long-form content streamed from installed apps, gaming platforms, or streaming devices.”, said SpotX’s Nick Frizzell.


Myth #2 – CTV is Scarce, Especially in Programmatic

CTV ad inventory is not in short supply – particularly in programmatic environments. In fact 97% of premium ad-supported OTT providers work with SpotX and nearly all the broadcast quality networks, if ad supported, are available programmatically.


Myth #3 – CTV is Not Measurable

CTV is measurable – in fact 25% of all DoubleVerify’s measurable video impressions are CTV and impression volume on CTV is approximately the same as that of desktop devices. Further, 45% of CTV ad impressions are seen through programmatic channels.


Myth #4 – There is No Fraud in CTV

Fraud follows the money —especially within an emerging channel like CTV where demand often outstrips supply. DV’s McLaughlin revealed that in the past 12 months the company has identified more than 1,000 fraudulent CTV apps. And he pointed out that fraudulent activity shows no sign of waning as the company has seen a 160% increase in SIVT in the past 12 months.


Myth #5 – All CTV Ad Inventory is Premium

This is not true and advertisers should not automatically consider Connected TV (CTV) inventory to be premium.


Webinar Takeaways
  • Measure CTV Inventory – Advertisers should demand that supply partners become certified for measurement, and that their verification providers are able to scale across this medium.
  • Push Industry Groups To Advance Standards – IAB OM SDK Working Group has been tasked with establishing CTV app identification standards and development of a shared technical solution for Viewability measurement. As these standards are released adoption is critical. 
  • Enlist Brands In Advocacy Efforts – brands must insist on the need for independent measurement.
  • Advocate With Major CTV Suppliers – major CTV suppliers (Apps/Devices/Operating Systems) should be encouraged to adopt third-party measurement to create a healthy and trusted ecosystem. Work with certified partners wherever possible.
  • Understand and Optimize the Supply Chain – only work with trusted and direct Media Owners, particularly where SSAI is enabled and only purchase authorized inventory leveraging app-ads.txt, where available.


You can watch the webinar and learn more about the myths of CTV here.


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