Brand safety remains a top priority as global advertisers seek enhanced controls to protect their brand reputation online. With that in mind, DV recently expanded its brand safety controls to allow for language and keyword targeting and avoidance in over 100 languages. These enhancements are now available worldwide to DV customers, augmenting protection and accuracy for multi-lingual campaigns.


According to studies, 60% of non-US online consumers “rarely or never buy from English-only websites.” It is critical, therefore, that brands are able to tailor their brand safety controls to the language of the properties they’re serving on. These expanded capabilities are a step to address that — maximizing the impact of digital campaigns globally while protecting brand equity


Through DV’s advanced language identification, customers can:

  • Set the desired language of content they want their advertising to run alongside – employing programmatic targeting or inclusion lists.
  • Monitor and block ads from running against content in specific languages.
  • Create multiple language-specific keyword lists.
  • Extend protection and keyword lists to pre- and post-bid buying environments.


Together, these tools deliver superior brand-content alignment online. For example, a CPG brand can use DV’s language targeting to run ads in Spanish within the US, against Spanish-language websites only. This gives advertisers full confidence that target consumers understand the promotion and can engage.


Build Smarter Keyword Lists


A key challenge for global advertisers is that certain terms can have different meanings in different languages. For example, the word “die” means “the” in German – clearly, less of a brand safety concern than its English-language equivalent. To address the challenge of words that have different meanings in different languages, we’ve created additional controls for global clients managing keyword lists. We also make it easy to create a “default” list that can run against all campaigns, combined with lists that can be applied on a per-language basis.


Moving forward, our clients will be able to maintain both global and language-specific keyword lists, minimizing error and unintended impact to scale. DV’s language enhancements can be leveraged across desktop and mobile devices, for post-bid measurement and blocking, and pre-bid as part of DV’s Authentic Brand Safety targeting solution, through leading DSPs.


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