When it comes to measurement and protection, not all video is created equal. This can leave your video advertising investments vulnerable to brand suitability and fraud concerns. For example, we estimate that < 40% of desktop and mobile video inventory – and virtually no CTV inventory –  support VPAID, the technology that enables blocking. DV Video Complete gives you complete video monitoring and protection that can help you authenticate campaigns across screens, including desktop, mobile and even CTV.

To prove it, DV ran multiple tests* to evaluate DV Video Complete’s effectiveness against fraud/SIVT and brand suitability concerns and found that the solution reduced infractions by 96% across devices!

Download the full infographic to see results from three other tests and to learn more about DV Video Complete.

For more information on how DV Video Complete can help you protect and optimize your campaigns, reach out to Sales@DoubleVerify.com.


*Open marketplace inventory buys using a DSP