DV recently participated in the Ashton Media Programmatic Summit, Australia’s leading programmatic advertising, ad tech, and digital conference which brings together top brands and agencies from the region.

At the in-person event, we partnered with Australia’s leading telco brand, Optus, and its partner agency, Amobee, to discuss the evolution of Optus’ data transformation strategy and their assessment of the technology landscape. The session highlighted how DV worked with Optus and Amobee to secure brand protection and improve the quality of their media supply at scale to create greater efficiencies in their digital investments.


Some key takeaways from the session include:


Optus Is Focused On Improving Its Digital Audience Strategy

Optus serves more than twelve million customers a day and generates almost $6 billion a year in revenue. Optus’ Associate Director of Digital Marketing, Vinetha Manthena, said the goal for the company is to focus on meaningful customer engagement in a landscape of continual change. This includes effectively leveraging its first-party data at scale.

“We have multiple sources of first-party data, including from our retail stores, telesales, mobile app, and website,” said Manthena. She added that data needs to be accessible and centralized effectively in order for digital marketers and programmatic traders to reach audiences via DSPs (demand-side platforms), social channels, and search. The company is also revolutionizing the way it manages its multiple sources of data and is looking more closely at attention metrics, as well as media channels and formats.


DV Improved Optus’ Authentic Rate by 23%

The company also teamed with DV to improve the quality of our digital advertising impressions. A key component was ensuring that their digital investments achieve a baseline of media quality, which means an impression delivered is brand-safe, fraud-free, and viewable in the right geography.

“We partnered with DoubleVerify as our media quality and ad verification partner. We found the science behind DV’s Authentic Brand Safety solution enables us to drive further efficiencies towards our advertising,” Manthena said. Optus invests in advertising programs in a mix of channels, including television, YouTube, and Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD).

After implementing DV’s solutions, Optus was able to re-invest savings into working media, improve the quality of its website visitors and increase average order value.

“The tests we ran showed a 23% improvement in the Authentic Rate, which then translates to an improvement in traffic and session quality on our site. This improves our profitable outcome,” Manthena said. ”The best digital marketing strategies are those that look seamless to the end customer, hence, what, when, and where you are buying is an important consideration for success.”


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