In the dynamic world of digital advertising, DV’s technology empowers advertiser confidence, encouraging them to invest more in digital campaigns. By equipping advertisers with the tools and insights they need to make informed decisions about their campaigns, we help them ensure that their investments are channeled toward high-quality, trustworthy publishers that support their goals.

How DV Technology Supports Transparent and Efficient Alignment

Over nearly 20 years, DV has expanded its technology to include numerous forms of verification, measurement and ad performance solutions. The following tools, accessed through DV Pinnacle® or DV Publisher Suite, are designed to leverage additional layers of nuance and functionality that make it easier for advertisers and publishers to align on direct and programmatic advertising goals.

Brand Safety and Suitability

DV’s brand safety and suitability solutions leverage advanced technology to categorize content. This allows brands to avoid harmful or unsuitable content and align with publishers that support their goals and values. The granular analysis provided by DV’s classification technology fuels sophisticated pre- and post-bid safety and suitability tools. This approach mitigates the need for overblocking, ensuring publishers are connected with the right buyers.

Fraud Detection

DV provides advertisers with pre-bid tools to avoid placing ads and transacting with fraudulent publishers that rely on fraud to deceptively amplify traffic or engagement. With the rise of AI, ad fraud has exploded, making it easier for bad actors to siphon valuable ad dollars. Through its anti-fraud technology, DV is curbing these actors at scale, preserving the ad ecosystem and supporting reputable publisher monetization.

Contextual Relevance

DV’s Custom Contextual solution delivers high-impact, contextual segments that enable publishers to target ads to the content relevant to the right audience, at the right time — driving outcomes for brands. With over 400 signals to activate, publishers get granular coverage of all of the potential niche segments of traffic that buyers may be looking to reach. Publishers can leverage DV’s privacy-friendly contextual technology to improve the process of selling their inventory segments as premium placements based on content adjacency, therefore warranting premium CPMs.

DV’s Commitment to Publishers

DV understands that digital advertising only thrives when publishers are able to monetize their inventory, and we are committed to transparency and efficiency to meet this goal. DV’s commitment to supporting advertiser and publisher media quality and performance goals is evident in initiatives like the DVersity Partner Program. This program aims to foster a more equitable digital advertising ecosystem by empowering underrepresented publishers and championing tools and best practices that help diverse publishers thrive. Ultimately, DV’s Publisher Division helps publishers maximize ad inventory revenue and reduce friction with buyers by providing comprehensive support in data automation, campaign performance and delivery optimization.

This piece is part of DoubleVerify’s newly launched Transparency Center, a dedicated portal designed to educate the industry about DV technology and measurement. By providing detailed explanations, insights and timely statements on key issues, we aim to foster trust and transparency within the digital advertising ecosystem.