Many people in the media and advertising space are familiar with DoubleVerify (DV) as a leading software platform for digital media measurement and analytics. We have over 1,200 brands and agencies using our products and services to ensure their advertising is fraud-free, brand safe and viewable. Additionally, DV has a thriving platform business where we offer demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platforms (SSPs) and exchanges the tools to maintain the health of their marketplaces. While hundreds of Fortune 500 marketers continue to partner with DV, increasingly the world’s largest ad platforms are also selecting DV for our best-in-class data solutions in order to optimize traffic and maximize revenue.

Today, DV works with DSPs, SSPs, ad exchanges, ad networks and other platforms by licensing our technology and enabling our software to run on some or all of the network supply. As a result, most platform customers have a unique use case for the product or service. Let me break it down to you in terms of three crucial elements of quality – fraud, brand safety/suitability and viewability – that will help ensure your platform is maximizing the effectiveness of your inventory and driving to your revenue goals.


Eliminate Fraud From Your Supply

Let’s start with fraud. No one likes fraud, which is one of the biggest threats to digital marketers today. All ad requests and impression opportunities must be scanned for fraudulent activity and invalid traffic (IVT). This is table-stakes for advertisers who have a hard enough job executing campaigns and hitting a KPI that leads to a return. That’s why global marketers rely on DV to ensure that their impressions are served to a human at the most basic level.

How does DV help? Well, we start with massive scale. DV analyzes over 2 billion display and video impressions daily and provides the fastest, most complete fraud identification and protection available — across web, mobile app and CTV environments. Our AI-backed deterministic methodology results in greater accuracy, fewer false positives and, ultimately, superior protection.


Platform customers that utilize our fraud/IVT avoidance product typically achieve a fraud rate well below 1%. At the end of the day, we enable you to offer fraud-free inventory to your advertiser partners — maximizing buyer value and campaign effectiveness.


Ensure Your Supply Is Safe and Suitable for the Advertiser

Brand safety and suitability is becoming the number one issue for brands. Over half (55%) of consumers say it would negatively impact future purchase decisions if they were to see a brand advertised next to false or misleading content, according to a DV/Sapio report. Platforms want to take advantage of that demand and offer not only a safe environment, but also one that is suitable to the specific brand. Many times we will create a brand safety floor for the entire network. Meaning, all inventory passes through DV’s tech to ensure the highest risk content does not make its way back to the DSP or the brand. Alternatively, you can use our brand suitability avoidance tools on a campaign basis for more granularity based on the brand’s guidelines.

By integrating DV data into your platform, your advertiser customers can target inventory aligned with their brand values pre-bid, maximizing campaign efficiency and effectiveness.



We see platforms with brand suitability violation rates as high as 15%. After our solution is in place – which helps platforms deliver the right inventory suitable to each advertiser – that number decreases to about 4-5%, resulting in a higher quality media product, better fill rates and stronger yield.


Curate Highly Viewable Content

Finally, our platform customers engage with us to ensure ads are actually seen. While it seems obvious, this is another critical metric used by advertisers – viewability. A platform must be able to identify the different types of supply on their network, and viewability shines a light on the most valuable, sought-after digital inventory. When curating a platform with billions of impressions a month, you need the right tools to measure and optimize your inventory. DV’s pre and post-bid solutions allow you to package viewable inventory only, offering even more confidence to the customers who are purchasing your supply.



We also deliver advanced viewability and attention metrics, like average time-in-view, key message exposure and video player size, to allow for superior optimization — making more of your inventory attractive to advertisers.

Once a strategy is in place, we find that platforms will typically want to enhance their supply quality further. This usually takes form in one of two ways:

  1. Does my supply offer the best viewability rates?
  2. Am I serving up ad inventory next to good, clean content?

By leveraging DV data, platforms can gain transparency into the likelihood that their inventory will be viewable and clean, helping to inform pricing, drive yield and power performance.


Maximize the Quality and Effectiveness of Your Inventory

What do these products all have in common? When used correctly, especially in conjunction, it leads to significant increases in media quality, better fill rates and yield – which boils down to more revenue. Over a period of time, you will begin to see greater bid density, higher fill rates and higher eCPM, all because you are aligning your supply with the needs of advertisers. To sum it up, we make it easy for you to manage and optimize the quality of your supply using our products and our customer service so you focus on providing the best value to your customers and growing your business.

Please email or contact us here if you’d like to learn more about how DV can work together with your platform.