As we’ve seen from all the amazing new programming being promoted during IAB NewFronts, digital video, especially CTV, is no longer taking a back seat to linear TV. However, there are a number of challenges including fraud, inconsistent technology standards and limited content transparency that impede brands from protecting their brand equity, minimizing waste and measuring performance.

In our IAB NewFronts 2021 session, Julie Eddleman, DoubleVerify’s EVP, Chief Commercial Officer joined Ted Gray, Ad Technology & Innovations Manager at Reckitt Benckiser, to discuss how to manage the challenges of media quality and performance on video and CTV.

Our presentation provided examples of how brands can better optimize video campaigns based on key attention metrics.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Digital video is one of the fastest-growing advertising formats, with CTV leading the charge. However, the digital video environment comes with a number of challenges including fraud, inconsistent technology standards and limited content transparency. All of these challenges make it hard for brands to protect brand equity, minimize waste and measure performance.

This is one of the reasons DV created the DV Authentic Ad™ measurement standard. To be considered authentic, an ad must be viewable, by a real human in a brand safe environment, in the intended geography. Many global brands use the DV Authentic Ad™ as a “currency” to measure quality across platforms, devices and formats, including CTV.


  • When it comes to performance, brands like Reckitt Benckiser are shifting the conversation beyond viewability to attention metrics, focusing on the following components to help optimize video campaigns:
    • Time in view
    • Sound
    • Share of Screen


  • DV Authentic Attention™ plays an important role in determining how to optimize video creative. For example, Reckitt noticed that only 23% of their video ads were seen in full and with sound. As a result, they decided to adjust their creative in order to highlight the brand much sooner. As marketers, brands want to ensure that their ads have an impact and are memorable — ultimately influencing purchase decisions.


  • DV is looking to incorporate Investment Metrics for clients in the future so as to correlate spend with performance. This should help advertisers make better-informed optimization decisions by incorporating media cost as an additional dimension into their analysis in addition to quality and attention.


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