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Premium Inventory

73% Mobile app video
viewability rate
58% Average viewability rate
for display across channels
62% Average viewability rate
for video across channels

Get Clarity into Viewability

DV's solution helps gauge whether your inventory is making an impact with consumers. With consistent measurement across platforms, devices, and formats, DV provides an in-depth look at viewability metrics across your inventory, helping you deliver value and performance to advertisers.

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Superior Methodology and Massive Scale

DV uses geometric methodology to validate viewability, supporting both IAB and custom brand-measurement thresholds - across devices and formats. We use this data to help platforms understand and pre-qualify the inventory that may meet these standards, enabling you to evaluate, price and segment your inventory for maximize ROI.

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In-depth Coverage and Unique Metrics

DV's viewability solution helps reach more engaged consumers across devices and formats. Plus, DV provides a comprehensive solution for mobile app, evaluating up to 95% of eligible inventory. We also deliver advanced viewability metrics, like average time-in-view, key message exposure, and video player size, to allow for superior optimization - making more of your inventory attractive to advertisers.

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Accreditations and Industry Leadership

DV's Viewability measurement is MRC-accredited, certified by the Audit Bureau Circulation (UK) and DAAP Certified by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). DV is also MRC-accredited for in-app viewability for certified MRAID measurement, allowing us to collect viewability data even in instances when the app does not leverage the OM SDK.

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