DoubleVerify and Kantar Media Compete Launch First Campaign Measurement System to Combine Ad Viewability, Verification and Behavior-Based Audience Segments

Ad VRF™ integrates industry-leading verification and viewability technology with the largest digital consumer panel to enable exact pinpointing of what audience segments brands reach with their media campaigns

Boston, MA, September 10, 2012  DoubleVerify (“DV”), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, and Kantar Media Compete, the leading provider of digital insights to global brands, are launching an integrated solution that is the first to combine viewability, verification and behavior-based audience segments enabling brands to pinpoint exactly who is being reached with their media campaigns.

Ad VRF™ combines DoubleVerify’s leading verification technology and viewability metrics with Kantar Media Compete’s two million person digital consumer panel, the largest in the industry. This is the only solution that measures campaign reach into behavioral segments making it possible for marketers to plan media investments and measure campaign effectiveness with a consistent measurement framework based on actual ROI.

The advancement will allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness in digital ad buying decisions, resulting in better informed in-flight campaign decisions.

DoubleVerify’s dual-verification methodology is the only verification technology that captures two views of the same impression through the use of integrated pixel tracking and web-based crawlers called Virtual Visitors. It is in use by more than 200 Fortune 500 clients. Leveraging their expertise in ad verification, specifically in challenging cross-domain iFrames situations, DoubleVerify has recently added ViewAssure to their product mix. ViewAssure provides the most granular metrics on viewability of an ad impression by measuring viewability at multiple brand exposure durations.

Ad VRF makes it possible for brands to more efficiently impact consumers along their path to purchase by accurately measuring the diverse audiences that their campaigns are designed to target. Ad VRF incorporates Kantar Media Compete’s advertiser-centric behavioral segments, such as “Luxury Auto Shoppers” or “New Parents,” to provide more holistic and brand-centric understanding of who an advertiser reached with their campaign. Using these segments, advertisers can determine not just if they’ve reached a target audience, but can also gain insights into the audience’s online behavior, such as search and purchasing patterns.

Ad VRF quantifies metrics, including reach, frequency, viewable impressions, GRP, viewable GRP, TRP, viewable TRP, behavioral and demographic segments, as well as measuring ad visibility above and below the fold. It provides near real-time measurement throughout the campaign, enabling course correction, with reporting broken down by publisher, placement and creative, as well as data on inappropriate ad placement. Since DoubleVerify’s single tagging solution is already integrated into the workflow of most agencies and tools, incorporation of Ad VRF is seamless.

“The last few years have seen an explosive growth in audience segmentation enabling advertisers to maximize Return on Advertising Spend by hyper focusing their targeting,” says Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Ad VRF enables marketers for the first time to measure audience exactly the same way they target consumers by bringing together the strengths of the largest US behavioral panel from Compete with granular impression level viewability measurement from DoubleVerify. The combined solution provides the most accurate, third party measurement of viewable Gross Rating Points (GRP) available today allowing marketers to close the loop and continue to iterate to drive campaign performance.”

“Ad VRF can provide comparable metrics to traditional media including Gross Rating Points (GRP) and Target Rating Points (TRP)” said Yaakov Kimelfeld, Chief Research Officer of Kantar Media Compete. “We have brought the ability to gain insights into the online advertising market to a completely new level of accuracy and scope, allowing more granular audience profile data, as well as behavioral segments.”

Ad VRF is available to clients of both Kantar Media Compete and DoubleVerify. Existing clients should contact their account managers for more information.

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