DoubleVerify Creates Ad Viewability Measurement Technology to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

NEW YORK, May 22, 2012  DoubleVerify (“DV”), the pioneer and worldwide leader in online media verification, releases AdView today, reinforcing its commitment to campaign measurement and analytics. AdView is a technology solution that takes viewability of ad impressions to the next level by offering the most comprehensive brand exposure monitoring data. According to the IAB and Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) guidelines, an ad is considered “viewed” only if at least 50 percent of the ad has been rendered within a user’s browser window for at least one second. AdView not only complies with these standards but also exceeds these baseline parameters by measuring brand exposure duration in multiple increments of five seconds, allowing a thorough analysis of data that impacts campaign effectiveness.

“We’ve been using DoubleVerify for content verification for several years now,” says Mitchell Weinstein, SVP managing partner, US director of ad operations at Universal McCann. “The addition of the AdView product gives us another layer of insights and will help us ensure we are spending our clients’ media dollars as effectively as possible.”

Agencies, networks, DSPs, exchanges, and publishers consistently face challenges around ad viewability and its impact on campaign effectiveness. Agencies want to improve campaign effectiveness and make informed buying decisions. Media sellers need data for better inventory management and better monetization of ad placements. AdView solves these problems by providing granular data on viewability, including the capability to measure the percentage of creative element that is visible and brand exposure duration for an impression’s entire life cycle. Often, scenarios such as different zoom levels, switching tabs, screensavers, switching windows, multiple monitors, etc., hinder viewability measurement. AdView’s technology has been proactively developed to overcome these barriers and give highly accurate intelligence on brand exposure measurement.

“DoubleVerify’s proven success in verification and remediation has already helped our clients save on their advertising dollars and helped make better utilization of ad inventory,” says Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. “With AdView, we are helping clients increase campaign effectiveness further and improve viewability of their ads.”

Among viewability solutions available in the market, AdView’s flexibility, convenience, reliability and transparency are clear differentiators:
  • For Advertisers: They can use Adview information for optimizing campaigns and media planning, as well as securing better minimum viewability rates or brand exposure duration times in insertion orders.
  • For Ad Networks: They can use viewability data for inventory management and identifying media sellers who can better match their purchasing decisions.
  • For Publishers: They can use the data for website design, optimizing ad placement and assigning appropriate CPMs to their inventory.
AdView provides unmatched insights for all industry parties to facilitate campaign measurement. For instance, a recent AdView report on the variance of brand exposure and ad viewability for 26 media sellers showed that:
  • Only 54 percent of impressions matched IAB viewability parameters, which state that an ad must be at least 50 percent viewable on the screen for at least one second to be considered “viewable”.
  • For a major advertiser, the highest brand exposure duration for a campaign was 95 seconds while for another advertiser it was only 18 seconds.
  • For duration of more than one second, the highest performing media seller had a viewability rate of 83 percent while the lowest was 28 percent.
  • The top performing media sellers had average viewability of 75 percent while the low performing had average viewability of 40 percent.
  • For all media sellers, the average ad viewability rates declined with time as follows:
    • One second or more: 54 percent
    • Three seconds or more: 43 percent
    • Five seconds or more: 36 percent
    • 10 seconds or more: 27 percent
    • 30 seconds or more: 12 percent

Marketers have diverse opinions about ideal viewability rates for effective user engagement.

AdView’s highly granular data, with brand exposure duration broken down by specific intervals equips them with information on actual user engagement. AdView can be used standalone or in conjunction with DoubleVerify’s leading verification technology. DoubleVerify has submitted its unified verification and viewability offering to the Media Rating Council (MRC) for audit and is seeking accreditation of the AdView solution as part of this process. In addition, DoubleVerify’s AdView and verification solutions run from the same ad tag, offering immense operational convenience to advertisers seeking superior campaign analytics.

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