DoubleVerify First to Be Certified in the TAG Anti-Piracy Program

DV recognized as a validated Digital Advertising Assurance Provider

NEW YORK (January 19, 2016) — DoubleVerify, the recognized leader in digital quality solutions, today announced it is the first third-party measurement provider to achieve certification as a validated Digital Advertising Assurance Provider (DAAP) for the TAG Anti-Piracy program, an initiative to help brands protect their digital advertising from appearing on copyright infringing and fraudulent websites. DoubleVerify is certified as a validated DAAP across all five core criterions of the program including identifying sites with pirated content, blocking ads from being served on those sites, preventing fraudulent practices, and eliminating payments to those site owners.

“We applaud DoubleVerify for its leadership and innovation, which aligns with the GroupM pledge to uphold brand integrity for our clients across their digital media,” said John Montgomery, Chairman, GroupM Connect, North America and Co-Chair of the TAG Anti-Piracy Working Group.

“We congratulate DoubleVerify on their achievement on rapidly securing their certification in this important TAG anti-piracy program, building a safer and more trusted digital marketplace for brand advertisers,” says Mike Zaneis, CEO of TAG.

DV has been in the forefront of blocking digital ads from pirated content sites by using DV patented technology to uncover fraudulent or copyright infringing activity — including impression laundering. DV brand safety and fraud protection are core components to the DV impression quality suite of services, which authenticates the quality of digital media, including ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, and impression delivery for the world’s largest brands and digital platforms.

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