DoubleVerify Launches First Complete Video Ad Quality Solution

Protects advertisers from rising fraud and abuse in the digital video ad environment

NEW YORK, NY (September 8, 2014) – DoubleVerify (“DV”), the leader in digital performance solutions, has announced the launch of Video+ — the industry’s first complete solution that protects advertisers and their inventory suppliers from the rising fraud and abuse in the digital video ad environment. With online video advertising expected to double in the next two years, Video+ provides the transparency and safeguards necessary to deliver a fraud-free, brand safe, viewable video ad.

DV Video+ authenticates the quality and impact of each video ad impression across 4 important areas:

  • Brand Safety: the quality of the video content that an ad is running in
  • Fraud Protection: if the video ad is served to a non-human bot
  • Video Viewability: if the video ad is never viewed, partially viewed or seen in its entirety
  • Engagement: if the video ad was on auto play or initiated by the user, with sound on or off, or running in an inferior format

“Advertiser demand for quality video inventory is outstripping supply—making the video ad environment ripe for fraud and deception,” said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Just like TV, advertisers expect their digital video ads to run in a high quality environment and completely visible to a real person. Unfortunately on the internet today, that occurs less than 60% of the time. Video+ provides the safeguards to ensure a fraud-free, brand safe, viewable video ad.”

DV advanced technology uncovers the most complete set of problems where video ad fraud and abuse can occur, including–

  • Video ads that are served to non-human bots
  • Video ads integrated within video content that is offensive and objectionable
  • Video ads that ‘play’ automatically in the background even when the user didn’t activate them
  • Video ads running on a video player too small to be seen by the user
  • Video ads that are barely viewed, rendering them completely ineffective
  • Video ads that run within a low quality banner or video game, when the advertiser is paying for a premium video placement.

DV Video+ is the latest advancement to the company’s broader Impression Quality suite of services that authenticate the quality and effectiveness of each impression in a digital ad campaign. DV Impression Quality solutions maximize performance across five critical dimensions – ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, impression delivery and ad prominence – that give brand advertisers and media sellers a comprehensive view of the quality and effectiveness of their digital media campaigns.

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