DoubleVerify Launches New IQ Advanced Solutions

Advanced platform expands in-app viewability and digital fraud protection for maximum ad performance

NEW YORK (July 18, 2016)DoubleVerify, the recognized leader in digital quality solutions, today announced IQ Advanced Solutions — its new suite of media authentication solutions designed to increase the transparency and performance of video and display advertising across both mobile and desktop platforms. Built on the latest DV authentication technology, IQ Advanced expands mobile in-app video viewability and extends digital fraud protection in new areas including Ad Injection. DV IQ Advanced Solutions comply with the new Invalid Traffic Detection guidelines and also provide significant new market advantages:

DV Viewability Advanced delivers new precision for evaluating video and display viewability in both mobile in-app and desktop ad environments. Viewability Advanced provides the highest coverage and accuracy to minimize reporting discrepancies and maximize media performance.

DV Fraud Advanced is the most comprehensive industry solution for combatting site fraud, non-human bot fraud and sophisticated invalid traffic schemes, including ad injection. Like bot fraud, injected ads launch from malware unknowingly installed on a user’s device and overlay themselves without consent from the advertiser or publisher. Up to 15% of ad impressions today are delivered through unauthorized ad injection.

DataXu, SpotX, Tremor Video and Visible Measures are among the first DV platform clients to incorporate the new IQ Advanced Solutions into their programmatic and inventory trading platforms.

DV IQ Advanced technology enables advertisers and buy-side platforms to achieve the highest levels of media quality and performance in the industry through pre-bid targeting, post-bid blocking and in-flight optimization for video and display ad impressions delivered on both mobile and desktop platforms.

About DoubleVerify

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