DoubleVerify Launches Viewability Measurement With Nativo

DoubleVerify Viewability Advanced Solution now Authenticates Native Ad Placements

NEW YORK, November 2, 2016 — DoubleVerify, the leading marketing technology and services company that authenticates quality and performance across digital and social platforms, today announced that it now offers viewability measurement for native ad placements through its IQ Viewability Advanced suite of products. Nativo, the leading native advertising platform, is the first to partner with DoubleVerify on its new native viewability offering, and Nativo has now certified DoubleVerify on its Exchange.

As native advertising continues to claim an increasing portion of the digital advertiser’s media budget and gain wider adoption among publishers, the need to verify viewability is imperative. The editorial nature of native ads that makes them effective also makes them difficult to measure. Native ad executions differ from standard IAB units in dynamic size variation, content orientation, and the way the units load and render. This creates complexities when measuring viewability for the format.

To address these challenges, DoubleVerify and Nativo closely collaborated to develop a native viewability measurement solution that brands and publishers can trust. This extends DoubleVerify’s proprietary Authentic Impression® digital ad quality measurement to assess the quality of and engagement generated by native ads, ensuring they are brand-safe, fraud-free and viewable.

“DoubleVerify is committed to maximizing ad quality and user engagement in a cross-screen and multi-platform digital marketplace” said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Native advertising is a powerful platform for brands to engage consumers in an impactful and relevant way and we’re excited to partner with Nativo, the premier native advertising platform.”

“Since day one, Nativo has championed and guaranteed native ad viewability, pioneering the Viewable CPM (vCPM) media charge metric to provide better efficacy and efficiency to digital advertisers, valuable peace of mind to their brand clients,” said Chris Rooke, SVP of strategy and operations at Nativo. “Working with DoubleVerify to measure native viewability means that our brand partners—and publishing partners that leverage Nativo as their native tech stack and work directly with advertisers themselves—can transact with complete confidence that all of their native impressions will be viewable in accordance with best-in-class MRC standards.”

About Nativo

Nativo is the leading advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to scale, automate, and measure native ads. For brands, Nativo is the ultimate content advertising platform that combines automation and insights with high quality reach to scale and optimize engagement with brand content. For media companies, Nativo provides a complete native technology stack that makes it easy to sell, deploy, and optimize native ads across their media properties expanding their revenue potential while delivering a better, non-interruptive experience for their audiences. More than 400 brands and 400 publishers leverage Nativo’s platform to power their next-generation digital advertising. Learn more at

About DoubleVerify

DoubleVerify is the leading independent platform for digital media measurement software and analytics that authenticates the quality and effectiveness of digital media for the world’s largest brands and media platforms. DV provides media transparency and accountability to deliver the highest level of impression quality for maximum advertising performance. Since 2008, DV has helped hundreds of Fortune 500 companies gain the most from their media spend by delivering best in class solutions across the digital ecosystem, helping to build a better industry. Learn more at