DoubleVerify Receives ABC Certification for BrandShield

Certification recognizes DoubleVerify as a leading protector of brands online

NEW YORK – February 25, 2013DoubleVerify (DV), the worldwide leader in online media measurement, campaign effectiveness and insights, today announced that it has received certification from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) for its Content Verification (CV) solution BrandShield. BrandShield is a real time blocking solution that ensures online advertisements are only associated with content approved by the advertiser – both at the site and page level.

“We are thrilled to receive certification for our BrandShield solution from ABC, the UK’s authority on media measurement,” said Wayne Gattinella, President and CEO of DoubleVerify “ABC’s certification of BrandShield highlights the importance of CV technology for the online advertising industry as a whole, as well as DoubleVerify’s ability to provide a safe online advertising environment that in turn drives campaign performance for global brands.”

ABC’s certification of BrandShield was delivered following a rigorous review of the CV solution across ten performance indicators that tested BrandShield’s ability to block or report, in real time, the serving of an online advertisement onto destinations that have been defined as inappropriate to the advertiser’s campaign. Inappropriate content is defined by ABC as any words deemed by the advertiser to be unsuitable for a campaign, including brand conflicting content.

“Many advertisers want to take advantage of the benefits of online advertising but want to protect their brand safety online. CV technology has helped to deliver greater reassurance to brand owners. Clarity that CV technology really does reduce the risk for a brand campaign is exactly what advertisers have asked us to deliver.” Richard Foan, Group Executive Director of Communication and Innovation for ABC.

BrandShield has been the tool of choice for companies across the globe in the fight to protect their brand online. BrandShield ensures they are equipped with the best in CV technology in order to effectively tap the benefits of online advertising, while simultaneously protecting them from online content that could damage their brand reputation.

Chris Swarbrick, Head of Programmatic Media at Havas Media, said: “Protecting our clients from inappropriate online content is of utmost importance to us at Havas Media. Working with DoubleVerify for the past few years has allowed us to do this extremely effectively. The fact that they have received certification from the ABC confirms this.”

BrandShield capabilities include:

  • Preventing ads in real-time from running next to inappropriate content
  • Fine tune exactly what type of content ads should appear on and stay away from— at the page and domain level
  • Keep ads from appearing in certain geographic locations
  • Ensure campaign budgets are maximized and ads are associated only with approved content
  • Target and customize campaigns by making ad decisions at the page, domain and geo-level
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About ABC

ABC is governed by the media industry, for the media industry and is the expert at setting data and process standards across multiple platforms. ABC provides a stamp of trust for media buyers, media owners, publishers and digital traders working in existing and emerging platforms.

The ABC Board consists of owners, media agencies, advertisers and trade body members – with 25 per cent of the Board representing the digital sector. The Board make strategic decisions as to how ABC is run and each industry sector is represented by a Reporting Standards Group.

ABC was established in the UK in 1931 and is a founder member of the International Federation of ABCs (IFABC), of which ABC CEO Jerry Wright is President. ABC’s digital arm was established in 1996 and was united with ABC under one brand with a new identity and integrated structure in March 2011. ABC works to deliver common international standards for measuring digital reach, engagement and loyalty, as well as creating common standards for good practice throughout the industry.

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