Evidon and DoubleVerify Announce The Industry’s First Integrated Privacy and Ad Verification Solution

NEW YORK, May 24, 2012  Evidon and DoubleVerify today announced the online advertising industry’s first integrated privacy control and ad verification solution. DoubleVerify’s integrated measurement platform allows for the companies’ clients globally to gain the benefits of both the DoubleVerify measurement technology and Evidon’s InForm platform for In-Ad Notice as a fully integrated, single tag solution.

“As the leading measurement platform and trusted partner for hundreds of advertisers and publishers, we offer existing and potential clients the flexibility and choice in leveraging the market’s highest quality solutions to address their needs,” said Oren Netzer, CEO of DoubleVerify. “This partnership with Evidon is just one great example of how clients can gain the best of both worlds through our platform. “Evidon has the dominant market share in the US and EU, superior technology and privacy expertise making them the top privacy control provider for us to strategically integrate with. In addition, the integration provides a ‘One-Tag’ solution, which will streamline workflow for advertisers and agencies, and enhance compliance industry-wide.”

DoubleVerify will transfer all existing OBA compliance relationships to Evidon and Evidon will be the sole DAA-approved provider in this integration partnership.

“DoubleVerify has an enormous footprint among brands and agencies in the verification space, so integrating our technologies to help us scale Evidon’s compliance services makes a great deal of sense for us.” said Scott Meyer, Evidon CEO. “Agencies and advertisers have been asking for just this type of best-in-breed, integrated solution. We’re happy to be aligning with DoubleVerify to better meet the market’s needs.”

About DoubleVerify

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