TikTok & DoubleVerify Expand their Partnership to Provide Post-Campaign Brand Safety and Suitability Measurement for Advertisers

DV now provides transparency into brand alignment with user-generated videos on TikTok

NEW YORK – November 2, 2022 DoubleVerify (“DV”), a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data and analytics, today announced an expanded partnership with TikTok to offer advertisers post-campaign Brand Safety and Suitability measurement. Back, in September 2021, DV first announced its partnership with TikTok to measure viewability and invalid traffic.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with TikTok to measure brand safety and suitability, providing global brands with greater clarity and confidence in their investments on this high-growth platform,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO, DoubleVerify. “User-generated content offers advertisers a high-engagement forum to connect with passionate online communities. Our expanded partnership will ensure campaigns can have transparency into adjacent content while maximizing impact and performance for our joint customers.”

DoubleVerify can now provide post-campaign Brand Safety and Suitability measurement for TikTok campaigns in the United States. DV’s technology can classify TikTok videos according to DV’s brand safety floor and suitability categories, while aligning with standards from the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

DV’s proprietary semantic science capabilities leverage AI-driven tools – such as deep learning, machine learning and ontology – as well as manual review to accurately analyze image, audio and text components to provide granular video-level content classification.

DV’s video classification products deconstruct videos into three components: audio (video dialogue and music), visual (objects and people using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)), and text (ontological and AI classification of metadata, captions and hashtags), providing accurate results and accounting for nuances specific to each platform. Additionally, DV’s classification system is developed based on the extensive content policies that are used across all media environments.

When using DV’s post-campaign suitability measurement on TikTok, advertisers will be able to leverage the same insights across platforms and publishers in order to inform future media planning and buying decisions across the greater media landscape. Other benefits include:

  • Proprietary Technology – This solution leverages DV’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, ontology, and manual review in order to accurately analyze image, audio, and text components to provide video-level classification.
  • Consistent Metrics & Classifications – Advertisers will be able to access APB and GARM-aligned brand safety and suitability settings, providing industry-trusted, transparent metrics.
  • Trusted Measurement – Advertisers can rest assured that their campaigns are measured by an independent, third-party verification provider.

For more information about DoubleVerify or this release, contact sales@DoubleVerify.com.


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