Where an ad runs impacts a consumer’s experience with that ad. And nearly 90% of consumers feel it’s a brand’s responsibility to ensure their ads run in safe environments, reports research conducted by DoubleVerify.


At ProcurementCon Marketing Europe, Lauren Tiley, DV’s Senior Director of Strategic Client Partnerships, and Umair Bin Zubair, Vodafone’s Global Category Manager, discussed how it’s imperative to advertise in brand safe environments that increase quality traffic. They recommend two key tips for media buyers to improve the quality of their digital media buys and positively impact brand favorability.


1. The Right UX Design Can Generate Positive Engagement

Viewing an ad in the wrong environment can have a direct, negative impact on user experience and customer satisfaction as indicated by a brand’s net promoter score (NPS), says Zubair. However, Zubair goes on to explain, advertisers and procurement specialists can work together to avoid any brand reputation damage.

What Can Marketers Do?

Marketing teams should gather consumer research and feedback to determine how to foster better engagement and make sure advertising efforts are improving relevancy.

What Can Procurement Specialists Do?

Procurement specialists should hold developers and suppliers accountable for creating quality products.


2. Fraud Controls Can Improve the Efficiency of Site/App Marketing and UX Tools

In order to maintain good user experience, brands must be vigilant and work to keep out the wrong, and sometimes non-human, visitors out. “Fraud doesn’t stop when the media is displayed — there are just way too many opportunities,” Tiley says. At Vodafone, Zubair explains, most services and apps are developed in a controlled environment to maintain maximum oversight.

How to Stop Fraud

To Stay on top of Fraud, Tiley and Zubair offer two suggestions:

  • Advertisers should learn to understand the value chain and monitor their digital buys.
  • Advertisers need a first-line defense to filter and verify metrics. The wrong, fraudulent metrics can lead to bad investment, which can directly impact the customer experience and create a vicious cycle.
Prioritize Quality Digital Media to Connect with Your Customers

It is crucial to stay connected to customers, and by improving digital media quality, consumers feel more connected to a brand.

To learn more about how fraud and UX design influence user experience, watch the live recording of ProcureCon Marketing Europe Virtual Summit: https://bit.ly/345efw3

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