Recently, DV’s Imran Masood (Country Manager, AUNZ) and Lena Lepojevic (Account Director, APAC)  joined the IAB Australia for a Digital Ad Ops webinar on enabling true cross-screen measurement. Panelists included Jill Wittkopp (Director of Product, IAB Tech Lab),  John McNerney (Director of Platforms, AUNZ, Verizon Media), and Amy Weekley (Sydney Head of Digital, Wavemaker). 


During the webinar, Imran noted it is crucial to pursue accurate cross-screen media measurement in order to create a brand-safe, viewable, and fraud-free digital media ecosystem. In addition, both Imran and Lena said that the adoption of the Open Measurement SDK (software development kit), would enable media buyers to standardize performance metrics and increase visibility into campaign performance, across different media channels. The OM SDK is an initiative by the IAB Tech Lab aimed at developing a scalable solution that minimizes code used to provide consistent data to measurement providers. 


Key Take-aways include: 

  • Publisher implementation of the OM SDK allows measurement partners to get consistent viewability signals relative to display, native and video campaigns, removing the need for app developers to implement multiple ad verification SDKs.
  • The adoption of OM SDK helps to create an understanding of how inventory and content is valued, so publishers can align with advertiser needs. This helps to further promote the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns. 
  • It is becoming increasingly important for advertisers to have visibility into all digital environments they are appearing against to ensure they are reaching relevant audiences. A transparent buying environment benefits publishers and advertisers which helps to promote yield and drive ROI. 


To get the full story, watch the recording of the Livestream on the IAB’s site here

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