At DoubleVerify, we’re focused on creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can be celebrated for being their authentic selves. However, in order to be celebrated, all DVers need to be accepted and addressed with respect and without fear. As such, DV anonymously surveyed its employees to gain some introspective data points related to pronouns.

Thankfully, 99% of our employees are aware of gender-neutral pronouns. And, while only 7% of our employees chose to be addressed by gender-neutral pronouns, about 80% of our employees are very comfortable sharing their pronouns and addressing their peers by their pronouns.

This survey showed tremendous acceptance and, therefore, to help all employees feel more included, the DEI Council launched a Pronoun Initiative that was focused on education and action.


 What Items Are Included in the Pronoun Initiative?

The DEI Council created an internal How-To-Empower Page that explains how to use correct terminology, as well as how to update pronouns across communication platforms. We also updated our recruiting tools to provide candidates with the option to select their pronouns, as well as a recording of their name for proper annunciation. In doing so, hiring managers will be able to address each candidate respectfully to remove any possible friction and create a stronger connection.


How Has the Initiative Made an Impact?

Our Sr. Knowledge Manager, Andrew Smith-Herman has already noticed a positive change first hand. “Generally, I used to consciously remove gendered-language when speaking with candidates, but from this initiative, I realized that I was opting out vs. opting in. By actively opting in, there’s been a noticeable change during interviews,” he said.

“This simple, yet powerful, communication adjustment has empowered me to focus more on the interview content. In return, and more importantly, non-binary candidates seem to be more at ease when expressing their complete Authentic selves.”

We believe that building this foundation for people who identify as trans, non-binary, or gender variant is an important step in building an environment of belonging, internally and externally. Visibility empowers.

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