Connected TV (CTV) is a great way to reach engaged audiences, and the appeal of using CTV advertising is clear when one considers the allure of sound and motion on the living room’s biggest screen. However, many advertisers believe that all CTV ads are viewable, and, unfortunately, that is not true. In fact, CTV is one of ad measurements’ biggest frontiers, and new facts are being discovered about this medium almost every day.

Did you know that DV discovered 1 in 4 top environments kept playing programming content —including recording ad impressions —even after the television was turned off?  We believe this is a concerning trend that requires the right solution.


Your Ads Might Be Playing When TV Screens Are Off, Resulting in Wasted Ad Dollars

Although a ‘TV off’ signal exists, not all CTV applications heed this signal by stopping content from playing. As a result, these apps continue to play content and deliver paid ad impressions. In these instances, premium CTV ad budgets are going toward blank screens.


Fully On-Screen Certification: How DV Discovered TV Off

As part of DV’s CTV Fully On-Screen Certification, which helps advertisers validate that campaigns serve 100% on-screen, DV evaluated top apps and devices to see if video playback and impressions continue to take place after a CTV screen is turned off. Based on our recent analysis, the majority of apps continued to generate impressions long after the TV screen was turned off, many times for a number of hours or days.


DV Has You Covered

To help buyers with this issue, DV has enhanced our CTV Fully On-Screen Certification to include a check against this TV off behavior. Environments will only receive a certification if they are found to disable video playback and impressions when the TV is turned off. DV’s CTV Fully On-Screen Certification is the only solution in the market that can help clients ensure their CTV campaigns are running fully on-screen when the TV is turned on.

DV also provides buyers with data on how much of their ad was played through quartile measurement. The combination of the Fully On-Screen Certification with quartiles provides an effective proxy for viewability. For more information about DV’s measurement capabilities on CTV download our Viewability in CTV guide.


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