As an ad verification provider in a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, we know it’s our responsibility to stay ahead of the curve for our customers. DoubleVerify (DV) has been powering digital media quality and performance for over a decade. Our dedicated Fraud Lab, Attention Lab and Semantic Science teams focus exclusively on developing cutting-edge solutions for brands, advertisers, platforms and publishers — from identifying the latest fraud schemes to safeguarding brand reputation across devices and emerging channels. It’s these kinds of innovations that keep us ahead of the competition and allow our customers to maximize media quality and performance.

Read below to learn more about DV innovations that were first to market.


The Definitive Measure of Media Quality

In order to ensure media quality, we created the DV Authentic Ad™ – a proprietary, MRC-accredited metric. To be counted as Authentic, an ad must be fully viewed, by a real person, in a brand suitable environment, within the intended geography. DV is the only company accredited to measure and de-duplicate ad quality in this manner — enabling brands to use the DV Authentic Ads™ as a defining, holistic KPI for campaign effectiveness. We believe that this foundation of quality is necessary before you even begin to speak about how to drive or improve performance.



End-to-end Protection Throughout the Media Transaction

For programmatic advertisers that want to avoid inventory that doesn’t meet their brand’s standards and objectives, DV’s Authentic Brand Suitability provides customized pre-bid brand safety protection that helps them avoid unsafe and unsuitable content before placing a bid.

Unlike other pre-bid brand safety and suitablility solutions that offer a limited selection of avoidance categories for selection and the application of keyword blocklists, Authentic Brand Suitability captures the robust functionality of our post-bid solution in a pre-bid technology – allowing advertisers to reduce waste with customized protection to meet the unique brand safety and suitability needs of their brand.


In-depth Mobile App Coverage

DV was the first measurement provider to facilitate independent identification of placement location for mobile app ads and provide a transparency report for mobile app campaigns.



Brand Safety Tiers Align with GARM and 4A’s APB Framework

In January 2021, DV became the first verification company to align with the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) and Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) standards. In order to do so, DV developed a proprietary category taxonomy to provide coverage for the range of content that may pose a safety or suitability concern, in the spirit of the APB/GARM standards.


A Quick History of the APB’s Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework

The APB first released a Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework in September 2018. This framework helps brands determine suitable content in two ways:

  • The brand safety floor describes content that is generally inappropriate for advertising and that most brands will want to avoid.
  • The brand suitability framework lays out three levels of risk and associated content for each category.

Since the initial release, DV has been working closely with the APB and the newly established GARM to discuss, refine and update the brand safety and suitability proposal – ensuring that it continues meeting advertisers’ evolving needs.



The DV Fraud Lab

The DV Fraud Lab performs ongoing detection and analysis of new types of digital ad fraud in order to uncover the latest schemes as they occur. Launched over a decade ago in Tel Aviv, Israel, DV’s Fraud Lab consists of dedicated data scientists, mathematicians and analysts from the cyber fraud prevention community. The team employs a variety of approaches to detect new forms of fraud — from AI and machine learning to manual review. Through constant analysis, scenario management and research, they’re able to pinpoint the sites, apps and devices responsible for fraudulent activity — updating protection in virtual real-time.



MRC Accreditation on Facebook and Instagram

In 2020, the Media Rating Council (MRC) extended DV’s accreditations to include DV’s impression and viewability measurement (as defined by MRC’s viewability standard) and reporting for display and video ads on Facebook and Instagram. This marked the first time a third-party solution has been accredited by the MRC for integrated viewable impression measurement on a large digital platform such as Facebook.

DV’s third-party integrated measurement solution allows clients to see their media spend across all digital platforms and environments, and the MRC accreditation of DV’s viewability solution with Facebook and Instagram marked an important move to increase transparency within the industry.


Attention Measurement

DV’s Authentic Attention® is the first privacy-friendly data solution in the market to provide timely, impression-level insights to optimize campaign performance without the use of third-party cookies — from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of consumer engagement.

Using Authentic Attention®, advertisers are able to measure key exposure and engagement metrics including time in-view, page real estate, hovers, quartile completions, interactions like volume adjustment and more — all within a privacy-friendly environment that does not rely on third-party cookies.


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