As programmatic advertisers seek to expand scale and reach new audiences, quality infractions from ad fraud or unsuitable content are a big concern – especially during an evolving news cycle. In fact, a DV/Harris poll found that 87% of consumers feel that it is the brand’s responsibility to ensure their ads are appearing in brand safe environments, and two-thirds of consumers say they would abandon a brand they see in questionable content. And no brand wants to be abandoned by their customers. And this year, DV detected an increasing number of CTV fraud schemes, each more sophisticated than the last, that attempted to siphon millions in ad spend intended for premium inventory.

Fortunately, we found that our long-standing clients who use verification tools throughout the media transaction, like DV’s Authentic Brand Suitability solution, are able to reduce fraud and brand suitability infractions before an ad is served. Below we’ll explain the solution, how it works and how you can leverage Authentic Brand Suitability to improve the effectiveness of your programmatic campaigns.


What Is Authentic Brand Suitability?

Authentic Brand Suitability (ABS) is one of the most advanced brand safety and suitability and fraud solutions in the market today, offering heightened levels of advertiser protection and driving substantial gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance. Our solution maximizes buying effectiveness and reduces waste by applying your post-bid brand safety and suitability and fraud controls in a pre-bid environment. Using ABS, you can create a centralized set of brand safety and suitability and fraud controls – allowing for customized protection that is easily deployed across multiple programmatic buying platforms and campaigns using a single segment ID.


Three Ways ABS Can Save Money, Save Time and Make Every Dollar More Effective


1. Seamless Protection Avoid bidding on unsuitable inventory in the first place. ABS is the only solution that aligns pre and post-bid settings, allowing you to replicate your custom settings to align with what is suitable for your brand.
2. Streamline Operations   

To activate ABS, simply build a programmatic targeting profile in DV Pinnacle® with our fully customizable set of controls. Once you’ve created your programmatic targeting profile, DV populates your ABS segment into your selected DSP for targeting. If you modify the settings in your programmatic targeting profile they are automatically updated in your DSP. That means no more manually updating across DSPs. Everything is controlled from one central location.

3. Increase Efficiency   

Avoiding unsuitable impressions – instead of blocking them – allows you to reinvest media spend that would otherwise be spent on ads that won’t be seen. For example – assuming an average 10% block rate and a $10 CPM – for every 1 million impressions, you’d have the potential to reinvest $1,000 back into suitable media.


How This Proprietary Technology Works

ABS supports the broadest number of avoidance categories, with customization options to address brand-specific concerns. ABS allows you to customize pre-bid targeting settings to align with what is suitable for each unique brand using:

  • 90+ brand safety and suitability categories, including tiered risk categories that align with APB and GARM frameworks
  • Custom-built brand categories
  • Inclusion/exclusion lists
  • Specialized mobile and CTV app controls
  • Keyword avoidance in 100+ languages
  • Global language avoidance
  • Site, page and app exceptions
  • Site/app IVT threshold avoidance

The ABS settings and controls listed above are centralized in the DV Pinnacle® UI, and a single ABS segment ID is generated that can be used across DSPs – allowing changes to be applied in one central location and automatically applied to multiple campaigns across all DSPs.


What Clients Have Seen Using ABS

The results tell a clear story for many of our clients. By switching from a competitor to ABS targeting, OMG UK realized immediate media efficiencies – marked by a 29% increase in auction win rates and a 24% increase in bids per spend. ABS targeting helped open up valuable scale to enable more wins at a lower cost. Importantly, this additional scale did not compromise brand suitability protection. On the contrary, their protection actually became more precise, aligning with the settings they’d established post-bid. Compared with the client’s former pre-bid solution, ABS targeting reduced block rate by 26%. This, combined with the expanded auction scale, ultimately helped reduce the eCPM by 38%.

In another case, Nissan United worked with us to improve campaign efficiency by reducing their block rate and reallocating that previously wasted media spend toward quality impressions. After activating ABS, Nissan United was able to decrease their block rate by 81% and reinvest 12% of media savings that had previously been spent on blocked impressions.


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