The New Normal: How Brand Safety and Reaching Consumers Has Changed In 2020

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Advertising risk has been compounded recently by many factors impacting the ad ecosystem, such as: CTV’s emergence as an advertising platform, the demise of first-party cookies, the pace of the news cycle, and the “infodemic” of fake news.

As consumers’ media habits shift to CTV, what challenges do these platforms present to advertisers? What impacts do evolving news cycles, such as COVID-19, have on advertisers? In this session, we’ll explore the current tools available to combat fraud on emerging media and what advertisers can do to manage content adjacency and the trade-off between brand reputational risk and achieving campaign scale on their media investments. With the demise of 1st party cookies, we’ll also speak to how it is driving the reemergence of contextual targeting and how it will impact the role of verification partners. How have brands and the ad ecosystem operated over the past 6 months in these current circumstances and how they can adapt and thrive in a “new normal” world which is demanding a higher level of flexibility, creativity, and accountability? Attendees will learn about some of the biggest challenges impacting the ad ecosystem today, and solutions they can implement to address these challenges to protect their media investments and brand reputation.


Time: 10.30 – 11.10 BST / 11.30 – 12.10 CEST


Steve Mougis, Senior Vice President, Programmatic Sales, DoubleVerify
Lisa Kalyuzhny, Senior Director, Advertiser Solutions, EMEA, PubMatic
Stevan Randjelovic, Director, Brand Safety and Digital Risk, EMEA, GroupM
David Goddard, Chair, IAB Europe Programmatic Trading Committee & Senior Business Development Director, EMEA, DoubleVerify


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