Each year, DMEXCO serves as a premier event for key players in digital, marketing, and innovation. While we didn’t have the opportunity to gather in the beautiful town of Cologne, Germany this year, DMEXCO @home was able to virtually bring together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals around the world through informative seminars, debates, and expositions outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value.

DV was an integral part of the experience, having hosted five total sessions during the two-day event.

For those who were unable to attend, below are full videos of our sessions along with a brief recap of each.


Unleashing the $166.3 Billion Opportunity: Shifting Linear TV Buyers to CTV

CTV is an incredibly attractive medium in terms of exposure and engagement for brands and their messaging. Why? It’s full-screen, immersive and long-form. And unlike its counterpart, it’s far more measurable.

The popularity of the channel is undeniable from a consumer perspective. Based on research conducted by DV and Sapio in June of this year, we found that people are consuming 3 hours and 42 minutes more content than they were prior to the pandemic. According to a recent study by the IAB, the average CTV spend in the US this year is expected to reach $16MM per advertiser.

“I firmly believe that CTV will overtake linear TV as the primary channel for digital video delivery,” said Mark Zagorski, CEO of DoubleVerify. In order to continue this momentum, the quality imperative on CTV must be addressed. Our ultimate goal is to extend DV’s proprietary Authentic Impression® to CTV, ensuring ads are seen by a real person, in a brand-safe environment, in the intended geography. This will provide brands with a consistent yardstick of effectiveness wherever consumers see their promotion online.


Understanding Ad Measurement in 2020: Cookies, Coronavirus and Context

The volatility of 2020 has undoubtedly altered consumer behavior, coercing many advertisers to pivot media strategies in order to drive consistent performance. Even with stricter privacy regulations in place and the move by most major browsers to sunset third-party trackers, advertisers have found innovative ways to navigate the current digital ecosystem through research and data.

In this session, DV’s Tanzil Bukhari discussed ways in which advertisers can benefit from contextual targeting, which is a privacy-friendly approach toward providing consumers with ad placements that are relevant to the content they are consuming. In fact, it was noted that 69% of consumers are more likely to look at an ad relevant to the content they are reading, and 44% have tried a new brand due to seeing a relevant ad beside content they were reading or viewing in the past few months.

Watch the full video here.


How Brands in APAC Should Approach Brand Safety in Digital Advertising

Brand suitability is paramount for digital advertisers as they seek to reach consumers across trusted publisher sites, but we know that it varies by region, brand, and even line of business. While media verification in APAC is beginning to gain momentum, DV’s Jordan Khoo called out that overall Brand Suitability Rate in APAC was up 66%, compared to growth rates of 24% in EMEA and 11% in North America.

Advertisers should be aware of their brand safety toolkits. For example, while keyword blocking does play a role, it shouldn’t be the primary line of defense, especially for brands trying to optimize precision and scale. Brands should work with verification partners like DV in order to strike the right balance of protection and scale — ensuring they’re effectively engaging their audiences. This especially holds true given the continually hyper-charged news cycle that we’re seeing in 2020.


Privacy and Performance Don’t Have To Be at Odds

While advertisers tend to focus on the end goal, performance, it is important to understand what exactly makes for a successful campaign. In this session, DV’s CMO, Dan Silvjanovski, suggested that before advertisers start thinking about specific performance KPIs, there needs to be a foundation of quality.

“Quality, I would argue, is a prerequisite to performance,” Dan noted. “And it’s the combination of quality and performance that really drives success.”

In addition to our custom contextual targeting solution, Dan highlighted the benefits of DV Authentic Performance™, which is the first data solution in the market to provide real-time, comprehensive prediction data to drive campaign performance. This provides a truly holistic KPI for advertisers to measure the success of their campaign.


How Publishers Can Generate Yield and Combat Complexity

Technology has always driven the online advertising industry forward, but for publishers, they have rarely been in the driver’s seat. Director of Publisher Business Development, Mark Bausinger, elaborated on how the industry imbalance between the buy-side and the sell-side has created a gravity that publishers must constantly react to in order to satisfy advertisers and protect revenue.

As part of his prescriptions for how publishers can fight back, Mark highlighted the collective work being done by top publishers around the world as well as the publisher-first technology built by the DV Publisher Suite team. Through unified data aggregation, automation and centralized support teams, DV Publisher Suite is designed to aid publishers as they adapt to an evolving industry. The holistic platform helps improve transparency, optimize inventory and reduce costs.

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