The popularity of entertainment platforms like TikTok continues to attract consumer time and engagement. Just look around – if you’re not on it yourself, it’s likely a person nearby on the train, workplace or next to you on the couch is scrolling right now. According to DV’s Four Fundamental Shifts in Advertising and Media report, 43% of 18-24 year-olds stated that they plan on spending more time on TikTok over the next 12 months.

For digital advertisers, TikTok offers the perfect place for brands to connect with passionate, highly-engaged audiences. However, like everywhere else in the online universe, it’s important that advertisers have transparency and confidence that their video ad is aligned with safe and suitable content. As always, that’s where DoubleVerify (DV) comes into play.

Today, DV officially announced they are a badged Measurement Partner with a specialty in Brand Safety & Suitability in the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. TikTok awards this badge to companies that have met their highest standard of work.

This announcement stems from our recently expanded partnership with TikTok, which includes brand safety and suitability measurement that provides advertisers with transparency across their campaigns in the United States. Our technology classifies TikTok videos according to DV’s brand safety floor and suitability categories. DV first announced its partnership with TikTok to measure viewability and invalid traffic back in September 2021.

When using DV’s post-campaign suitability measurement on TikTok, advertisers are able to leverage the same insights across platforms and publishers in order to inform future media planning and buying decisions across the greater media landscape. Benefits include:

  • Proprietary Technology – This solution leverages DV’s artificial intelligence, machine learning, ontology, and manual review in order to accurately analyze image, audio and text components to provide video-level classification.
  • Trusted Measurement – Advertisers can rest assured that their campaigns are measured by an independent, third-party verification provider.

We’re thrilled to be recognized by TikTok as a badged Measurement Partner not only to provide their advertisers with confidence but also to carry out our mission of building a stronger, safer and more secure digital advertising ecosystem.

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