As media quality standards have evolved across the advertising ecosystem, we at DoubleVerify have continued to advance our suite of service offerings to provide our customers with confidence in their digital investments. We also understand that access to best-in-class technical and operational training is key to helping our customers achieve that level of confidence.

Since launching DV University (DVU) last year, we have continued to improve upon our existing course content, released course content in several languages and now DVU has expanded to further our global client support by:

  • Launching additional courses in Japanese, with more in-language courses slated for release later this year
  • Releasing a new course focused on DV Authentic Attention™, the first privacy-friendly data solution in the market to provide timely, impression-level insights to measure campaign performance – from the impact of an ad’s presentation to key dimensions of user engagement

DVU coursework allows for new or experienced DV Pinnacle® users to dive into the practical details of our service offerings while learning to operate the tools available to them with maximum efficiency. Each section is capped by a quiz or knowledge assessment, allowing users to walk away from DVU with a renewed proficiency of our ad verification tools. This is especially important at a time when the industry is facing a new normal where remote/flexible learning will be key to onboarding and educating users responsible for maintaining campaign operations.


How Do Our Clients Feel About DVU?

With hundreds of customers already having completed or taken courses, we surveyed the group to ensure the program is helpful in understanding the solutions and tools available to them. The results? Over 95% of platform users confirmed that DVU course content contains answers to many of the questions they would typically direct to their DV account manager. Users claimed that “real world” examples were important to understanding DV solutions in-action.

“DV University has been an extremely helpful tool as we onboard new team members,” said Michael Consolazio, Vice President Group Director, Media Technology at GroupeConnect. “Rather than reviewing the basics, it has allowed us to focus on how DoubleVerify is used for our specific client and be a resource new team members can refer back to.”

Here’s what else our customers had to say:

What DVU Courses Are Currently Available?

DV 101: Review the basics of ad verification and begin to visualize how DV’s solutions can protect your brand and power improved advertising performance.

Account Setup: Learn how to customize and update the various controls available within DV Pinnacle®. We will direct you through exercises to help determine the best configurations of your settings that suit your unique brand needs.

Campaign Settings: Learn to tie together the settings you’ve created to submit IQ Blueprints and see how to request and implement DV tags for various campaign needs.

Campaign Reporting: See how DV Pinnacle® enables you to measure the quality of each ad across media buying platforms, devices and formats through dynamic campaign reporting. In this course, you will learn to navigate and use the Quality Analytics tools that enable you to optimize inventory, creatives and/or channels to meet your performance goals.

Programmatic Tools: Explore the tools available that help authenticate your programmatic ads. Additionally, you will learn how pre-bid buyers can use DV’s programmatic services to build a baseline of quality and further drive performance using relevant segments.

Social Solutions: Our Social Integrations course will show you how to use our consistent measurement standards to evaluate media efficiency and effectiveness, regardless of where you are buying it in the social ecosystem.

Tag Generator Training: Learn how trafficking teams are able to take advantage of the DV Tag Generator. This tool allows teams to process the tags needed to activate DV’s advertiser solutions in a single workflow, at any time.

DV Authentic Attention®: This course will guide you through DV Authentic Attention®, the first privacy-friendly data solution in the market to provide timely, impression-level insights to measure campaign performance based on user exposure and engagement. The course includes an overview of the solution, a comprehensive walkthrough of our attention analytics dashboard and information on how this data can give you extensive analytical insights to optimize and drive campaign performance.


Enrolling in DVU

DV University is available now for all interested customers. To learn more about DVU and how to get started, please reach out to your dedicated DV Team or contact us.

For customers with access to DV Pinnacle®, click here.