While a lot has changed over the past year, DoubleVerify remains focused on powering media quality and performance for brands all around the world. As we look back at a year that faced unprecedented challenges caused by the pandemic and waves of social and political unrest, we understand that advertisers are even more in need of strategies and solutions to safeguard their brand while still being able to reach their audiences.

Moreover, DV has recognized the need for new resources that empower advertisers to gain a deeper understanding of our tools as well as having access to these materials at all times to be able to review at their own pace. That is why we are pleased to introduce our first self-guided online training and certification platform: DV University (“DVU”).


Onboarding for New DV Pinnacle® Users

For those of you who are new to our offerings, DV Pinnacle® is our unified service and analytics platform that allows advertisers to access quality and performance data across devices and buying platforms — helping to turn insights into action. At DV, we measure this data through our proprietary DV Authentic Ad™ metric that shows which ads were seen, by a real person, in a brand-safe environment and in the intended geography — offering a definitive measure of quality across campaigns.

While our platform is very user-friendly, the typical onboarding for a new DV Pinnacle® user involves degrees of hands-on instruction, which isn’t always easy with busy schedules and many teams operating in multiple time zones. With DVU, we provide online training and resources that can be accessed in your own free time. We even bookmark your progress, so that you can always return to where you left off.


Current Course Offerings

Whether you’re new to DV or an experienced user looking for refresher knowledge, each DVU course is designed to give you the tools to get the most out of DV’s Advertiser Suite. DVU courses will let you take a self-guided tour of our service offerings and demonstrate ways to leverage DV’s actionable insights in order to achieve your digital campaign objectives.

We currently offer five unique courses that provide an overview of DV’s solutions, along with how to set up, customize and optimize your campaigns in order to achieve performance goals. More specifically, these courses include:


DV 101:

Review the basics of ad verification and begin to visualize how DV’s solutions can protect your brand and power improved advertising performance.


Account Setup:

Learn how to customize and update the various controls available within DV Pinnacle®. We will direct you through exercises to help determine the best configurations of your settings that suit your unique brand needs.


Campaign Settings:

Learn to tie together the settings you’ve created to submit IQ Blueprints and see how to request and implement DV tags for various campaign needs.


Campaign Reporting:

See how DV Pinnacle® enables you to measure the quality of each ad across media buying platforms, devices and formats through dynamic campaign reporting. In this course, you will learn to navigate and use the Quality Analytics tools that enable you to optimize inventory, creatives and/or channels to meet your performance goals.


Programmatic Solutions:

Explore the tools available that help authenticate your programmatic ads. Additionally, you will learn how pre-bid buyers can use DV’s programmatic services to build a baseline of quality and further drive performance using relevant segments.

As DV solutions evolve, we will continue to update our existing courses and offer new training modules to keep your DV skills up to date. In the coming months, keep an eye out for a few of the following in-depth lessons on our social solutions and performance solution, DV Authentic Attention™.


DVU Badges & Certification

As a way to track the progress and completion of your DV education, we offer badges and product certifications for each course. DVU badges are distributed to track lesson milestones, while certifications are awarded to users who complete a full DV product course set and represent deeper proficiency in DV’s solutions. As DVU grows, we will continue to offer new achievement awards.


Available Now!

DV University is available now for all interested customers. To learn more about DVU and how to get started, please reach out to your dedicated DV Team or contact us.

For customers with access to DV Pinnacle®, click here.