In November 2020, DV Video Complete was launched as a first-of-its-kind solution that offered three layers of protection including pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking and a new innovation called DV Video Filtering.

DV Video Filtering is an industry-first solution that offers an elevated level of protection for advertisers in video environments. The solution works by evaluating and filtering out unsuitable ad requests before advertisers pay for an impression. This also allows the publisher to monetize the placement with another ad.

Four months following the launch, early adopters of DV Video Filtering were already seeing sixty-two percent fewer quality violations on their video campaigns across industries. Now, over one year later, clients are seeing even higher violation rate reductions, including a 75% fraud violation rate reduction and a 72% out of geo violation rate reduction. Clients are also seeing significant decreases across devices, including a 57% violation rate reduction on CTV and an 80% violation rate reduction on mobile app.1, 2

Additionally, DV Video Filtering reduced violation rates from 8% to 4% for DV clients overall, allowing them to recoup half of the typically wasted ad spend.3

For more information on how vital DV Video Filtering has been to our clients, and how big of an impact it could make on your video campaigns, download our infographic.




    1. All data is based on the fiscal year 2021
    2. This is a comparison between video ads that were protected by DV Video Filtering vs. video ads that were not protected by DV Video Filtering.
    3. DV saw the violation rates reduced by half – from 8% to 4% – for ads protected by DV Video Filtering vs. those that did not use DV Video Filtering