Four months after DoubleVerify (“DV”) introduced DV Video Filtering, advertisers across all industries are already seeing significantly decreased incidents of fraud, brand safety and suitability violations and ads appearing outside the intended geography.  


Not All Platforms Are Created Equal When It Comes to Digital Video

Digital video is a very popular medium for capturing consumer attention — but brand safety and suitability incidents, geo violations (serving to an unintended geography) and fraud attacks are all concerns across video inventory. It’s important to understand, though, that when it comes to protecting your brand across all screens, not all platforms are created equal. Fewer than 40% of video impressions are eligible for post-bid blocking on desktop and mobile web, and on CTV and mobile apps, blocking is virtually impossible.

DV Has You Covered on Video With a Complete Solution

In November of 2020, we launched DV Video Complete, enabling advertisers to holistically measure campaign quality and maximize brand protection across all video environments and devices, including CTV, mobile and desktop. DV Video Complete layers pre-bid avoidance, post-bid blocking and DV’s exclusive innovation, Video Filtering, to intercept more fraud, geo and brand suitability violations before they happen — across every device.


DV Clients Have Already Seen Results With DV Video Filtering

A number of our clients have started using DV Video Filtering across multiple industry verticals including travel, technology, CPG, finance and food services — and they are already seeing results.

Overall, early adopters saw 62% fewer fraud, geo, and brand suitability violations across their campaigns when compared with all other DV-measured placements.

Download our infographic for more details.


DV Video Filtering Offers Key Protection for Video Advertising

DV Video Filtering serves as a last line of defense against safety and suitability violations as well as fraud concerns when blocking isn’t available. The solution works by evaluating server-side requests and determining if the opportunity is compliant or non-compliant. If an impression is non-compliant and doesn’t meet a brand’s guidelines, DV returns a blank OmniTag response, which allows the publisher to remonetize the impression.


Learn More About Protecting Your Brand on CTV and Video

To learn more about viewability and fraud challenges in CTV – and how DV Video Complete is helping solve them – check out our recommended reading:

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