DoubleVerify Acquires Digital Video Technology Company, Zentrick

NEW YORK and GHENT, Belgium, Feb. 20, 2019 — DoubleVerify, the leading independent provider of marketing measurement software and analytics, today announced that it has acquired Zentrick, a digital video technology company that provides middleware solutions to drive the seamless execution and performance of online video advertising for the world’s largest brands, platforms and publishers. The Zentrick engineering teams will continue to operate from offices in Ghent, Belgium. The transaction was completed as an all cash, all stock offer on February 15, 2019.

Video advertising spend soared to $28 Billion in 2018. However, the ecosystem necessary to support the growth in video ad delivery has become highly fragmented. Today over 30% of video ads that are sold are unable to be delivered by publishers due to various forms of technical ‘breakage’ in the ad delivery chain – an issue that’s particularly acute in the key areas of mobile app and connected TV. Breakage results from incompatibility of multiple playback standards and latency delays in the video ad load.

Zentrick Streamlines Video Ad Delivery and Improves Performance

Zentrick middleware reduces video breakage by more than 50%, by shortening load times and eliminating multiple forms of latency that can prevent a video ad from delivering. Greater ad delivery maximizes performance for advertisers and revenue yield for publishers. Zentrick software further enables publishers to detect and resolve issues behind breakage as they occur.

Zentrick Middleware Benefits the Entire Video Advertising Ecosystem

For media platforms and publishers, Zentrick middleware eliminates the technical overhead and latency associated with supporting multiple third-party data integrations (e.g., measurement, attribution and audience providers). Third-party service providers benefit from seamless platform activation and equal access to the video playback data necessary to power their services.

“DV’s mission is to power the new standard of marketing performance, giving advertisers clarity and confidence in their digital investment,” said Wayne Gattinella, DoubleVerify CEO. “Eliminating ad breakage has a direct effect on the performance of online advertising that will resonate throughout the ecosystem.”

“The entire Zentrick team is thrilled to join forces with DoubleVerify – a rapidly expanding, global organization with a best-in-class verification offering,” said Pieter Mees, Zentrick Co-Founder. “Integrating Zentrick’s digital video technology and expertise with DV’s industry-wide platform will accelerate our efforts to simplify and streamline ad performance.”

“In 2018, Zentrick accelerated the delivery of more than 150 billion video ads,” said Frederik Neus, Zentrick Co-Founder. “Through integration with DoubleVerify, we anticipate scaling our solution to better service both advertisers and publishers, while driving even greater positive impact throughout the ecosystem.”

About DoubleVerify

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