DoubleVerify Announces Partnership with MediaMath to Ensure Highest Ad Quality and Performance on the Platform

DV also announces expanding programmatic partnerships with The Trade Desk and Turn

NEW YORK, November 21, 2016 — DoubleVerify (DV), the leading marketing technology and services company that authenticates quality and performance across digital and social platforms, today announced a new partnership with MediaMath to integrate DV data on their programmatic media platform. MediaMath clients will now have access to the complete suite of DV data solutions, to ensure the quality of their digital ads for Brand Safety, Fraud and Invalid Traffic, Display and Video Viewability and Contextual Targeting capabilities.

DV is also expanding its pre-bid targeting integration partnerships with The Trade Desk, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTD) and Turn. The Trade Desk has activated Browser-Based Bot Fraud Avoidance Targeting in addition to their current suite of DV Pre-Bid IQ targeting options. Turn has integrated DV Video Viewability Targeting as part of its platform-wide integration with DV to block all fraud and sophisticated invalid traffic from its programmatic media buying.

“DoubleVerify provides an unmatched ability to authenticate the quality of media placements before an ad is bought, which not only optimizes our client’s budgets but boosts their brand equity as well,” said Sheli Steinberg, Director, Global Partnerships at MediaMath. “Ad quality and performance can only be achieved through an integrated and holistic approach as our industry becomes ever more complex with the proliferation of new channels.”

“The Trade Desk and DoubleVerify are aligned on our mission to provide quality inventory, granular pre-bid filtering, and a high degree of transparency,” said David Danziger, VP of Enterprise Partnerships. “Expanding upon our long-standing integration is a testament our teams’ joint commitment to delivering relevant, viewable, brand-safe ads.”

“Through a combination of our strong proprietary technology and partnerships with companies like DoubleVerify, we have built an industry-leading video ad solution,” said Maureen Little, SVP of corporate and business development at Turn. “This viewability integration will play an important role in helping our global brand and agency customers get the highest level of engagement across an increasingly complex customer decision journey.”

“We are constantly working with partners to expand our pre-bid services and further protect our mutual clients’ media investments,” said Matt McLaughlin, COO of DoubleVerify. “The expansion of DoubleVerify pre-bid targeting services by these top companies is a testament to the greater focus and commitment that marketers are placing on ad quality and performance including greater user experience and engagement. We are uniquely poised to answer this growing market need.”

Advertisers and agencies increasingly are demanding impeccable levels of ad quality in their programmatic ad campaigns. In response, the DV pre-bid targeting data segments allow buyers to intelligently target quality impressions by effectively avoiding fraudulent, non-brand safe impressions before any budget is expended. At the same time, the DV product facilitates marketer ability to hone in on the most highly viewable ad inventory for both display and video campaigns.

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