New Data From MRC-Accredited Viewability Provider DoubleVerify Confirms GumGum’s In-Screen and In-Image Ads Are Among the Most Viewable on the Internet

GumGum to introduce new viewability metric to its display ad platform

LOS ANGELES, CA (Dec 13, 2013)  GumGum ( today announced it is introducing a new viewability metric into its premium display advertising platform for brands, utilizing data and insights from leading viewability provider DoubleVerify.

GumGum has always claimed that its signature In-Image Ads and recently introduced In-Screen Ads are inherently among the most viewable display advertising units on the Internet, and now there is MRC (Media Rating Council)-accredited third-party data from DoubleVerify to support that claim.

According to initial campaign data, GumGum’s in-image advertising units outperform the DoubleVerify viewability benchmark for ad networks by nearly 20 percent, with an overall average viewability of 73 percent across both desktop and mobile devices. Leveraging the DoubleVerify data to optimize the campaign, GumGum viewability increased to 80 percent over the life of the campaign.

The initial studies also found that as viewability increases, so do other metrics, such as click-through rates. As viewability increased by 10 percent week-over-week, CTRs mirrored that increase by 10 percent, proving that viewability is a valuable measure for increasing engagement.

“Brands deserve to have the impressions they’ve paid for seen by the consumers they’re intended to reach,” said Phil Schraeder, COO of GumGum. “By working closely with DoubleVerify and incorporating viewability as a metric for our platform, our advertisers can have confidence knowing the campaigns they run with GumGum are among the most viewable in the industry today.”

With industry statistics claiming that more than 50% of ad impressions go unseen, and with the MRC expected to lift its viewable impression advisory in early 2014, GumGum is proactively preparing to transact on viewable impressions by standing behind a viewability metric with every campaign.

“When companies like GumGum, collaborate to ensure that advertisers deliver high quality impressions, the whole industry benefits,” says Mark Pearlstein, SVP sales and marketing at DoubleVerify. “That’s why we’ve put significant effort to ensure that DV Impression Quality solutions are MRC-accredited. We are thrilled that GumGum is taking a proactive stance on viewability and has chosen DV to validate the quality and effectiveness of its brand advertising solutions.”

In addition to reporting a viewability metric on every brand campaign, GumGum is planning a series of communication programs to educate advertisers and demonstrate its ongoing commitment to provide solutions to this important industry challenge.

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