In addition to providing effective media quality protection for advertisers, DoubleVerify is also dedicated to continuously increasing convenience and ease of use for our clients.

That’s why, in 2014, we worked with Innovid to develop a deep integration with the goal of increasing speed-to-market for our mutual clients’ digital campaigns.

Since then, we have continued to grow our partnership, and today we’re excited to announce that automated tagging is now available for the DV Video OmniTag through Innovid’s platform. This new enhancement will create a more seamless tagging process for clients by eliminating the need to ingest Innovid ad tags into the DV Video OmniTag to protect and monitor for fraudulent activity, brand suitability, viewability and geographical violations across desktop, mobile and CTV.

We sat down with Innovid’s Chief Product Officer, Dale Older, to talk about our partnership.


How do you believe DV’s integration will impact the customers using your platform?

With Innovid’s automated tagging support for DV’s Video OmniTag, mutual clients can ensure ads are being monitored and protected across channels, including desktop, mobile and CTV, in an easy to use, seamless manner. Ultimately, the goal is to give our clients peace of mind to know their media dollars are being protected and their ads are going live on time within the correct environments.


How does Innovid provide value to advertisers? To publishers?

Innovid is a leading independent omni-channel advertising and analytics platform built for television that powers the streaming, personalization and measurement of advertising for the world’s largest brands.

Advertisers gain data-driven personalization, real-time decisioning, scaled ad serving and accredited measurement via a global infrastructure that optimizes the value of advertising investments across screens and devices.

Publishers can install Innovid’s advanced SDK to allow for interactive and immersive ad experiences for consumers, providing them with the opportunity to increase the CPM of their available inventory.


How do you help marketers improve their reach and engagement with audiences in the video and CTV space? 

Innovid is focused on helping brands maximize their reach and engagement across all channels through technology they can trust to navigate creative, activate campaigns and calculate impact on every screen — including the biggest one in the house, TV. With our interactive and dynamic creative tools, we help brands develop customized ads, improve their cross-channel media performance and engage directly with their audiences.

In terms of reach, Innovid supports marketers in several ways. Innovid delivers impactful campaigns across one of the widest footprints of channels and devices available through one consolidated advertising and analytics platform. Innovid’s platform also provides marketers with unbiased measurement through Innovid Insights, our advanced measurement solution built with TV at the center, to execute sophisticated CTV/video planning, optimize in-flight reach and frequency, and drive media efficiency.

Plus, marketers can have confidence that Innovid Insights is built on our proprietary identity resolution infrastructure, Innovid Key. Anchored in 95M households — a near-census view of the 108M U.S. CTV households and integrated with the best-in-class industry identity solutions — Innovid Key ensures continuity of measurement insights that are critical for success.


What would you say is the most unique aspect of your platform compared with others in the space?

Our TV-first approach is what we believe sets us apart from the pack. At Innovid, we approach media the same way our clients do: by focusing on the big picture, then using that as a frame of reference for every conversation we have with our audience, no matter the channel. Gone are the days of ‘old media’ vs. ‘new media’ – media has evolved.

TV is no longer just broadcast, radio is no longer just AM/FM and social conversations definitely don’t live in silos. Innovid’s omni-channel solutions were designed with TV at the center, bridging the gap between linear TV and CTV, while integrating the customer experience across video, display, social, audio and more. We are proud to be an independent and interoperable platform, allowing our clients to continue to work with their preferred partners while taking ownership over their digital data.


What trends have you noticed in the video advertising space in the past year?

First and foremost, we believe the monumental shift from linear TV to connected TV is here to stay for both viewers and advertisers. But unfortunately, because of CTV’s higher cost, it’s also a hot target for fraudsters. Extending always-on fraud detection within this heavily fragmented space, while streamlining measurement across channels, makes a ton of sense from a safety and efficiency standpoint. Across the board, our interoperability sets marketers up to lean into efficiency plays like this, allowing them to do more with less, in a time when their resources are being stretched.

Additionally, the ability to personalize at scale is a trend that continues to grow across the industry. The challenges surrounding device and audience fragmentation, siloed data, creative scale, cross device and cross channel optimization have driven the industry to the point of frustration. Innovid enables marketers with the technology and tactics required to realize the value of personalization across TV, video, display, social, audio and DOOH. With Innovid’s infrastructure and award-winning creative solutions, marketers can activate data-driven personalization and real-time decisioning, offering them streamlined solutions that optimize the value of their investments across all screens and devices.


Where do you see the biggest challenges and opportunities in digital video advertising over the next year, specifically as it pertains to channels like CTV?

Through our market research and client interviews, we’ve learned that measurement in CTV is one of the biggest challenges in this fragmented ecosystem, with so much untapped potential. Our recent research shows that the average campaign reaches only 13% of the available U.S. CTV households, indicating that most ad campaigns are only just scratching the surface of unique reach. As marketers become more confident and transition media dollars to CTV, we believe they will be able to maximize reach, leverage advanced creative features to their fullest and unlock the true potential of the biggest screen in the home.

Identity resolution is also top of mind for marketers as they attempt to navigate shifting audiences, signal loss, converging content, tech consolidation, walled garden expansions and maintaining ownership of first-party data. Understanding that our ever-evolving ecosystem will never adapt to a one-solution-to-rule-them-all approach, we’ve taken a forward-thinking approach to identity with Innovid Key, allowing advertisers to understand and target audiences.

Discovering the “right” identity resolution is also top of mind for marketers and they are exploring a variety of signals and replacement strategies for a cookieless future. Innovid’s recently commissioned study, Reconciling Views on Identity Resolution, showed that marketers will be leaning heavily on first-party data with almost three-quarters (73%) noting its importance moving forward. Our Innovid Key infrastructure is a forward-thinking solution that empowers brands and agencies to tell personalized stories on any device, understand reach and frequency, optimize campaigns to avoid creative saturation and securely access and activate that first-party data across screens.

Check out Innovid’s blog to read more about DV’s newest integration with Innovid, or contact to learn more about how DV’s solutions can help your business.