What is the OM SDK? 


The IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) was released on April 10, 2018. The OM SDK is a set of tools designed to seamlessly enable third-party measurement for ads served in mobile app environments—without the need for the app to integrate multiple measurement provider SDKs.


DoubleVerify is a founding member of the Open Measurement Commit Group, the leadership that guides the larger Open Measurement working group (OMWG).  The Commit Group consists of measurement providers, the IAB Tech Lab and platforms that work together to jointly develop this new solution that will improve viewability measurement and media quality in mobile apps.


By creating a single, universal OM SDK, the group aims to minimize the clutter and efforts required to maintain multiple proprietary SDKs, improve the quality of measurement and increase measurement coverage and adoption amongst app publishers and owners of ad delivery SDKs.


DoubleVerify Commitment to the OM SDK


DoubleVerify is fully committed to the OM SDK as the standard for measurement within mobile apps and has demonstrated that commitment through the production of the DV OmniTag, a “zero effort” solution for our customers that fully supports the OM SDK with no trafficking, retagging or reporting changes required.


DV’s OmniTag for Display and Video prioritizes the OM SDK as the measurement basis, and enables a variety of fallback methods when the OM SDK is not present for the ad impression.  This solution is critical to providing maximum coverage during the period when the OM SDK ramps up its distribution.


We expect the OM SDK to become the dominant method of in-app measurement by the end of the year and are actively testing with many apps and platforms for certifying proper integration of the OM SDK.  Just since the release of the OM SDK earlier this month we have seen encouraging impression volume and continue to add testing partners for new integrations.


The OM SDK is a major turning point in our industry for mobile app measurement and DV is proud to be a participating member of this innovation.


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