DoubleVerify is committed to “Building a Better Industry” in more ways than one. This not only includes the technical aspects of the digital advertising industry, but also making sure that the industry is made up of the broad scope of people the digital landscape actually serves.

In 2021, DV began its partnership with The Boyd Initiative. The mission of the Boyd Initiative is to bridge the gap between Black college students and the advertising and media industry. The goal of the partnership is to expose the students, who mostly attend historically Black colleges and universities, to fundamentals of the ad tech industry — specifically DV’s purpose of verification and measurement.

In turn, DV is able to connect with a pool of pre-qualified and talented Black college students and recent graduates, hear what these students are looking for in an organization and understand the needs of the next generation of leaders.

The first cohort of students has been eye opening for not just the students, but also the volunteer speakers from DV. The students are now aware of the many avenues they can pursue in ad tech. Students with a passion for meeting new people and strong negotiation skills can pursue account management and ad tech sales, while other students with an interest in data and storytelling, can now consider marketing analytics as well as traditional finance roles. The students also provide valuable insight into what college students of today are looking for in a company culture and career.

The relationships formed through this partnership have extended beyond the cohort sessions with students and volunteers forming mentor and mentee relationships.

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