Each March we celebrate Women’s History Month to remind ourselves of the achievements of women in science, tech, politics and many other professions around the world. At DV, we have a number of women trailblazers across departments and locations, especially in our Fraud Lab.

The DV Fraud Lab is a dedicated team of data scientists, mathematicians and analysts from the cyber-fraud prevention community, who use a variety of approaches to detect new forms of fraud — from AI and machine learning to manual review. Through continuous analysis, scenario management and research, the team is able to pinpoint the sites, apps and devices responsible for fraudulent activity — updating our protection for advertisers in virtual real-time.

This year alone, the team uncovered several fraud schemes, including the most recent, SneakyTerra, which involves more than two million devices a day and could cost advertisers more than $5 million a month — if left undetected. Thanks to the work from the team, our customers are confident that their media is being seen by real people and not wasted on fraud, invalid traffic or bots.

Read below to learn about the members of the Fraud Lab and, more specifically, about some of the diverse women on the team.

Gilit Saporta

Gillit is Senior Manager of Fraud Analytics Group, who leads the brightest minds to catch the world’s sneakiest fraudsters. A mother of two and an amateur musician and playwright, she enjoys understanding the stories and motivations behind fraud schemes and traffic patterns.

Roni Yungelson 

Roni is Fraud Analyst Team Lead. She has been fighting fraud for the last five years and is passionate about uncovering new fraud schemes. She is a former choir singer and a mother of two, who returned from maternity leave to found the strategy team within DV’s Fraud Analytics.

Noam Bitzur

Noam is a Fraud Analyst, with a background in risk and fraud prevention. She loves performance arts and holds a B.Ed. in Theatre Directing. She also has years of hands-on experience in cryptocurrency and eCommerce.

Yael Tauber

Yael is a Senior Fraud Analyst, who is currently studying towards her MA in Neuropsychology. She has a strong passion for data and is one of the team’s leading SQL experts. Yael is a big fan of music concerts and loves Thai food.

Lior Biran

Lior is a Senior Fraud Analyst, with years of experience in risk and fraud prevention. She loves scuba diving and is a motorcyclist! Lior often hosts the team’s social gatherings at the rooftop apartment.

Lisa Toledano

Lisa joined the Fraud team just over two months ago, following three years working for the Prime Minister of Israel’s Office. She loves to sing and travel and is always passionate about learning something new.

Lia Bader

Lia is a Fraud Analyst, with years of experience in risk and fraud prevention. She plays guitar and loves cats. Lia and Lior have been friends since they were 10 years old! They volunteered for Israel’s national medical rescue service together and have worked together for startups as fraud analysts.


Can you tell us something a bit more personal about the Fraud Lab?

Gilit: What many people don’t know about our team is that we are also a hub for creativity. A sense of humor and a wild imagination is one of the first traits we look for in candidates. We find that these qualities are often key for solving the jigsaw puzzles of ad tech fraud. If our analysts are imaginative enough to see the world from the perspective of fraudsters, then they will be able to predict the fraudster’s next move.


What brought you to DV to join the Fraud Lab? 

Yael: I finished my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, just before applying to DV. I was charmed by the diversity of the team and how each member brings their unique qualities. DV is my first work experience after university and it’s such a great place to start your career in.


How did you get to your role as a leader at DV?

Roni: Starting a new role as a team leader is a very significant and exciting milestone for me. This came after two years of working as an analyst in the team and just as I returned from my second maternity leave. I am very excited to be in a position where I can influence, guide and advise others. I am sure there are a lot of interesting challenges ahead.


What are you most passionate about?

Gilit: Enabling the growth of talent within a team is definitely one of the most satisfying experiences of my professional life. Thanks to the diverse background of people in the Fraud Lab and the creative nature of our work, this is part of our daily life at DV.

Roni: The diversity of challenges is endless. Every task is unique and every day is a new adventure. We’re all (analysts and team leads) exposed to a huge amount of interesting data and we are able to define our areas of expertise and the fields that we wish to take a deeper dive into.


What makes your team successful?

Yael: The modesty of the people in it — they’re always willing to learn and benefit from each other. Also, the wonderful sense of humor that each one of us has. Being on Zoom is not always the most fun experience, but joking around while ”Zooming” is much more fun.


What values are important for your team?

Gilit: Mutual respect is in our blood. I think that allowing room for “soft-spoken” people to be heard and proactively looking for the opinions of others is something that emerged from the fact that our team is fairly diverse in many ways. For example, we use a combination of one-on-one consultations, group conversations and weekly presentations, in order to ensure that we get feedback from everybody — not just the people who find it easy to speak up in front of everybody.


To learn more about DV’s Fraud Lab, check out: https://doubleverify.com/capabilities-fraud/