Consumers have increasingly cut the cable cord and spent more time streaming video content on their Connected TV (CTV) devices. Naturally, advertisers have followed these viewers to the media channel. Unfortunately, fraud/SIVT (sophisticated invalid traffic) tactics are constantly evolving in environments like CTV. In 2020, bot fraud made up 78% of fraud/SIVT violations on CTV. According to DoubleVerify’s 2021 Global Insights Report, bot fraud violations on CTV are still the most common type of CTV fraud.

As an example of the types of fraud activity we’re seeing, last year, the DV Fraud Lab identified and neutralized a family of fraud schemes called OctoBot, which targeted CTV and mobile app devices. The OctoBot scheme generated billions of ad calls and spoofed thousands of apps and millions of devices – all with the intention to defraud advertisers out of millions in revenue.

That’s why DoubleVerify (DV) partnered with Verve Group to provide protection against fraud for their customers on CTV. Verve Group’s consumer-first advertising suite is a leader in consolidating data, demand and supply technologies to create better business outcomes for advertisers and publishers. With a privacy-first approach, Verve Group’s full-stack programmatic solutions are built for brand-safe environments.

DV’s offering enables pre-bid checking of incoming ad requests and adds a filter to Verve Group’s exchange, which determines the quality of traffic and safeguards the exchange from new and existing fraud schemes.

We sat down with Aviran Edery, VP Marketplace Operations at Verve Group to talk more about our partnership and its impact on both advertisers and publishers.


What is the nature and tenure of your partnership with DoubleVerify?

Our partnership with DV started in 2015, and has expanded over the years. DV’s sophisticated mix of AI and machine learning tools with manual reviews, as well as consistent research, helps us detect and block fraudulent activity in real-time. As a result, our demand partners benefit from a layer of protection and reassurance that they are only bidding on quality inventory.


How does Verve Group provide value to advertisers?

Quality and transparency are core tenets of our marketplace, which we safeguard with the help of DV as well as a combination of other third-party tools, and automated and manual processes. With these checks in place, we offer our advertisers access to premium, brand-safe inventory from direct integrations with all major publishers across channels, as well as a layer of future-proof audiences built on contextual signals to drive performance.


How about publishers?

Publishers benefit from our proprietary, open-source, modularized mobile SDK, called HyBid SDK, which can be implemented as a standalone or via all major mediation and in-app bidding partners.

Our monetization solutions also extend to CTV, with easy and efficient client- or server-side VAST or OpenRTB integrations. We offer a variety of controls for publishers to optimize ad placements to ensure monetization efficiency, brand safety and a flawless user experience.


What would you say is the most unique aspect of your platform compared with other programmatic platforms?

Verve Group’s strength lies in its ability to offer versatile products for both buyers and publishers across desktop, mobile, CTV, and digital out-of-home (DOOH). As proponents of a consumer-first and privacy-focused market, we promote an open advertising ecosystem for all players in the market.

By operating on a full-stack platform, we remove layers between advertisers, publishers, and consumers in favor of cost and process efficiencies. Through a series of strategic acquisitions, our growing portfolio includes solutions that allow us to offer a variety of add-ons to classic programmatic campaign delivery or monetization.


Where do you see the biggest challenges and opportunities in digital advertising over the next year, and how do you feel Verve Group is equipped to help advertisers and publishers through those?

2022 will mark another milestone towards a consumer-first advertising landscape, paving the way for privacy-focused initiatives. With the looming phase out of cookies on Google Chrome, the dwindling access to Apple’s IDFA, as well as potential privacy-related updates on Android, advertisers and publishers need to spend a big part of 2022 adapting to this new era. We recognize the unique challenges that advertisers and publishers face across channels, and offer solutions that specifically address the growing pains of a new advertising landscape.

Publishers will have the opportunity to consolidate data or provide contextual signals to partners to not only offer options for addressability to marketers, but to also leverage these for themselves.

As marketers explore privacy-compliant technologies, those that experiment and prepare wisely in the new reality have an opportunity to claim a competitive advantage. Verve Group’s suite of addressable contextual segments makes it easy for marketers to start testing with a simple and efficient campaign setup. Contextual will play a key role in the evolution of the advertising industry in 2022, as marketers and publishers alike evaluate alternatives to a world without third party cookies and personal identifiers.

For advertisers and media planners specifically, isolated media teams planning their spend without any knowledge of each other will pose problems on programmatic channels. Verve Group’s programmatic experts can help orchestrate media plans to capitalize on sustained growth across channels.


What does the future look like for Verve Group?

Verve Group’s long-term goal is to build an ecosystem of advertising technologies that fuels growth for marketers and publishers.

Following a string of acquisitions over the last two years, Verve Group’s focus heading into the new year will be on consolidating our technologies to maximize outcomes for advertisers and publishers globally. With our robust buy-and-build strategy and by integrating the best point solutions and channel-specific offerings, we can heighten efficiencies and connect dots across the industry.

A big part of that focus will be centered on privacy, which will play an important role in shaping the future of the advertising ecosystem, and with consumers at the helm driving this tectonic shift. Consumers should decide what to do with their data, but advertisers and publishers have an opportunity to help educate them on how that data will be used, and how it can add value to their experiences.

A consumer-first media landscape should be embraced by the media and marketing industries. But in doing so, organizations must also transform themselves for the new reality and seek partners who can enable their cross-channel efforts in a privacy-compliant way. Verve Group’s go-forward strategy will create a consumer-first advertising suite that puts privacy at the forefront, while still delivering the performance and insights marketers and publishers need to guide their businesses.


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